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A credit card. I didn't like about ten thousand dollars on my Jeep about ten thousand dollars on my camper that rarely got used but I had to have. And the rest of it was my house off your did. Very cool. What's your house worth right around one twenty five, and how old are you thirty eight new paid for for how I'm looking at weird people love it, man. Well done. Unser? Excellent. Very cool. You said you said, you're thirty eight thirty eight thirty eight years old that is awesome. Man. Thanks. So tell me what got you started on this three and a half years ago. I wish I would have started this when I was in my twenties. Dave, I can do this anybody can I'm the most stubborn man out there. I'm set in my ways, my whole family and friends will tell you that. So if I can do it anybody can the Carl five years ago would never have seen this happening. There's no way that you could of told me from five years ago that I would be here. Nashville Tennessee doing a debt free scream. It actually started back when we were kids. I remember we were sitting around the family table. And our dad was doing his bills like did every month. And I think my brothers were there, and he said to us kids. He said boys, you're nothing if I don't remember exactly what he said something like, you're nothing. If you don't pay your debts on time, you pay your bills on time something long that regards man of your word type of thing. And as I got older and adult heard I think I heard is I saw the credit card commercials and everything on TV I started worshiping at the altar the FICO score. And I did everything I could to pay my bills on time. My debts. Be a man of my word is that happened. My credit score went up and up and I had at eight twenty credit score before I knew it. And I wanna happy to share the fact that h one credit score. I was getting a new car every two years of it was two years, and I didn't get a new car. Something was wrong. I bragged about my credit score all my friends and family. But what was interesting Dave is. I was going along through this every year. I'd go get my tax refund on and they show me the statement. Here's how much money you made this year. And I'm thinking to myself where did all that money? Go. I make good money. What happened to it where to go? But I guess you'd say I was normal. So about three and a half about four years ago. A guy from another store transfer in our store. Good friend of mine. He actually stood here a couple years before that. And he became good friends. He didn't really talk much about financial stuff. But I thought it was weird because he made the same money. I did he drove an older paid for car. He never had any credit cards. He didn't do debt. And I was so on the opposite end of that spectrum. I was thinking he was weird. I'm like it was weird. Why does he have credit cards wise anyone and what's wrong with this guy? So I'd come in bragging about look at this new credit card. I have at a four thousand dollar limit this as a ten thousand dollar limit this twenty thousand let's go have a party on. That's what I used to do. And he just wasn't biting on it. So what? Happened was he finally said to me something on the lines of don't you ever? Get tired of making all this money and have nothing to show for it. Don't you know, where your money's going? And it kinda resonated to what I said with the tax return every year going, and I think that's when I had that I had a moment where is all my money going. I work hard. I don't know where it's going. So he got me in touch with financial peace university. And got me started with that. And I can tell exactly when it happened because I wanted to for the camper that I never used. I had this grand scheme idea. I was going to buy a blow up inflatable hot tub for this thing us air trinity their water. And of course, I was gonna pay for credit card camper that I never used. And I was that was going to be my thing to buy..

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