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And here's how it really looks precisely and you. Here's how the military works. I mean is actually not unlike how business works but in the military and also in the military intelligence community people rotate. you know they. A new program manager will come on board. He has a mandate to shake things up. He might be very skeptical of what was being done by the old guard. He looks at the programs that he's been handed and he goes to continue these programs. We should remember that. In one guys or remote viewing was funded by the military year-on-year for eighteen years. My view is an something you know. There's a lot of jokes about. When i first entered the defense reporting world you know about you. Know two hundred fifty thousand dollar toilet seats on on it. On naval submarine wolfer across all of which was true will which was true but generally speaking the military does not continue to throw good money off the bat. If the thing whatever it is isn't working sooner or later someone goes you know someone with oversights goes enough already. This this stuff isn't delivering any results. We're gonna kill it if for no other reason than a cover your ass kind of thing. It's not that they necessarily care about the money or pinching pennies which were giving them. It's a hey. I don't wanna be the guy who's who's on the news with the two hundred and fifty thousand dollar toilet seat thing. I need to caveat that a bit words the the program was conducted predominantly in the black. It was a black program classified program classified programs by their very nature escape. Some of that accountability and scrutiny. So you can screw up more in the black world than you can in the white world but having said that not for eighteen years year on year on. Yeah that's doesn't work. Somebody sooner or later wise is up and goes this. Is someone selling us crocker. Shit here and it's not working interesting anecdote. I love from. Joe mc monocle. And i remember. I don't think. I interviewed him but i think it was in another interview that he gave where he kind of was reminiscing with russell targeting. Hey man we did pretty good man. We made it through four presidential administrations. We made it through. You know some very fundamentalist christian you guys are channelling the devil kind of stuff and we made it through you know just kind of a reality check thing the way the world works which you're well aware of and also ingo is to you know like when i was reading penetration one of the things i picked up. He's like i love the pragmatic party. Because it's insane. It's absolutely insane this this military industrial stuff. And you know what they're asking and just the bureau the idiotic bureaucracy and all the rest of it but that's the world that these guys lived in. I think they took a certain bit of pride in being able to navigate it in the way that you're talking about so they find ingo because he's on to tell the truth right well inga's i sort of public. Appearance was on to tell the truth. And i forget the date but it was promptly soon. After he moved to new york he was working got a job at the u. n. And yeah he walked onto. Tell the truth remind people but that show was all about. They've they've Rebooted it now. It's back on but Well here in the uk we call it something else. I think it's what's my line or something but it basically a panel of guests of celebrities. I guess sit there. A guy walks on and they have to guess his profession will the real psychic. Please stand up..

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