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Were you get right you hit forty home runs you know there's a guy out there it's a young guy that could have you somebody's maybe some because or retiring he's what positions hanley play well positions hanley play the hanley what position could be what position stanley play either he is the he's the dh because he refuses to play any other position be better accepted a writer whose name bet he wants that what team would possibly want that peaches think about it okay he's the designated hitter he's not having a critised pablo san hose actually starting to come around a little bit at the plate but you dread putting him in the feed fame would any team with a young power hitter wednesday potential to give you forty home runs in hanley ramirez neither of whom we can put anywhere you're really it's lineup the other teams fear really you don't have that right now who's the one guy in this line of that other teams really fear out there is there one mookie pretending when he's not going through one of his over 25 slumps hanley's not really all that intimidating the season in what are you really talking about here but if you're gonna is not by trying to trade the overpaid position agah baseball's worst some uh todd frazier plays third base he's got you know big time potential with uh with power hitting but he's having an awful year this year betting under two of the type of move you'll be able the swing if you're able to swing anything you're not going to be able to upgrade like that with with the float some and judd now the reason why you need the upgrading get a power hitters because all the guys near lineup right now are underperforming so who's gonna who's going to go out there and in swing that trade for any of them farm system if you really want to get serious there might be you know you might have to dangle a guy like sam travis out there which i i would hate to see but in a league system that you think people might be interested in but don't don't start with you know.

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