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So after meeting i think it was i don't know maybe what like a year or two later you we're also working at the dime oh that's right it's this little dive bar on fire i mean we spent so much hours they're like a lot stacey deejays at the time i think for door guys we all see now that that didn't work out for me dating the door guy me rob dating the dj but anyway we went lay between sheena i could get us in and get us the song played exactly we needed a third girl though to get us free drinks we did we didn't think tenders i mean banged everyone else you know listen tag team back again mother did you remember that right now because you forgot to half hour ago so when you were working at the time i mean it literally just like randomly happened right there filming the hill and then you're like okay i'll do it why never i didn't watch it i i didn't i wasted and i remember thinking they got in a fight and i was like oh my god a hit by the bar and there was blood on me from this fight and i thought shit i'm gonna get fired i can't believe this it's the middle of the daytime wasted again and then yeah and then they asked me the next day and i said wait for real this really thing this is like a show yeah and they said yeah so i thought you get paid to drink and party is the best job in the world you know i know still doing it career out of it right that's impressive sheena thank you that's really impressive yeah and we both know boyfriend bill boy from bell shoutouts boyfriend bill who's one of the executive producers on rolls we love him with so funny i started doing the show.

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