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Dot com It's 4 41. Now. W. T. O P. The recent cyber attack on one of the nation's leading meat processing companies has disrupted the nation's meat supply could mean higher prices for you. The grocery store. JBs has now resumed most production, but experts say the vulnerabilities exposed by the attack and by the colonial pipeline attack from last month or far from resolved. Meat prices have already been Rising during the pandemic. Now there's concerned this cyber attack could disrupt supplies and push prices even higher. Think it's gonna have an insect on both ends of the supply chain. So if you think about it, J B s it is to be processing facilities. Will supply to grocery stores they may supply to other folks who manufactured five products. It has not been revealed whether the company paid a ransom to get its computer systems back online. Michael George. CBS NEWS NEW YORK NASA is now setting its sights on Venus for the first time in over 30 and three decades NASA Administrator Bill Nelson announced plans today for robotic planetary missions in the coming years. Venus is comparable in size mass and composition to Earth and its orbit is closest to ours. But it has a dense atmosphere of carbon dioxide, and its surface is Not moving there any time soon. 900 degrees Fahrenheit. NASA's last spacecraft dedicated to exploring meanest Venus was Magellan. It arrived in 1990 spent four years mapping its surface. The 35th annual film Fest D. C. Will feature 60 Films from 35 Countries all begins this Friday. It's gonna preview from Double D T. O P s Jason Fraley. Good films, People still pounding out those films man founder Tony Giddens presents comedies. Give me a screening at the war. It's about Ah young girl to go. Some strange doctor who said you have the de gene, which means that all of your relationships are going to be doomed. Social justice flicks like executive order in the near future, the Brazilian government since all black people back to Africa and how there's resistance of that, and so it's a thrilling side by and local films like Go, Go City. It's about Go go, but it's also about gentrification in Washington, D. C. And frankly, deputy opinion is the OMG. Story of the day in the sports world Coach K getting ready to retire. That story is next it for 43. Today's innovation in government report highlights the government's I T modernization opportunities. John Frankie, the federal chief technology officer for cybersecurity and micro Focus, Government Solutions, says while securing the perimeter remains important agencies must focus their cyber Recent events have shown that even if all of the applications are securing the perimeter is secure. The reality is that there's always a handful of users that have super privileges, which effectively can expose all that data to be expelled training and that's why we are emphasizing former preserving ricin based on the miss Standard. Is being one of the keys to reducing not only the risk but also the financial impact to the federal government. Let micro focus government solutions. Cara Soft and their reseller partners help you imagine what your agency is capable of. Listen to the full program at federal news network dot com, keyword innovation and government and sell Corona viruses over only one question matters. Is it normal yet? Listen to the W. T o P podcast that goes beyond the reporting for the story Behind the headline. Dr. Anthony Fauci actually told wt up that he's kind of protests create a perfect setup for the spread of this virus. What did you see in terms of health concerns? I think there's always a certain amount of risk involved with any sort of organizing on the streets. It's a risk that people were willing to take a listen to. Is it normal yet on w t o p. Com podcast d c dot com or wherever you listen to podcasts. Well, we were green on Wall Street today. By the closing down was up 25 the S and P 500 index up six. The NASDAQ Up 20 Money News in 10 minutes on Double d t o P Sports at 15 and 45 brought to you by your local Honda dealer. Don't settle for less than 100 for 45 Day Preston with the Blue Devil Bombshell.

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