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Now you could trust him whereas other rockstars you couldn't could you trust you know chuck berry berry was the best lyricist of i agree. He was the architect of what we call rock and roll. But if he couldn't think of a word you'd make one up. Yeah don't give me no bothe- ration- us by the rationing scrabble. Game and see what happens you know. The coolerator was filled with the coolerator. There was something so great about chuck berry. But did you trust him. Nobody i know trusted. Chuck or jerry. Lee bow everybody trusted china cash. It could be like your cool. Uncle totally know what's interesting about johnny to a lot of artists. You know these start well. And they don't always finish. While i mean elvis. You know he was. He was rock and roll too many people you know. That's all right mama. Jailhouse rock blues shoes. But then you know he went in the army. He came out there. Sort of vegas elvis and later elvis. But johnny started off as this rockabilly icon the same place that elvis starting sense studios sam phillips but at the end of his career. Sort of rick rubin. A great producer comes along. Says johnny we gotta get. You stripped down in front room with your guitar and just start recording and then rubens bringing songs like from depeche mode nine inch nails. You know bano others it. Tom petty and the heartbreakers. Obviously she had never heard before probably sons never heard before and it can reintroduce them to new generation and in many ways he ended the strong as they started. Yup the other cool thing about him. He'd go to prison. Yeah he would and do an album for all those guys of those guys in prison johnny cash. That's right we can trust him. Yeah isn't that something. I mean a guy that can exude that much trust. I think maybe. Mr rogers is the altogether time just in concert johnny investor. We're the as you can tell us. Neighbor jimmy stewart certain. Guys you just went well. If that guy was president. I would trust us through johnny cash. Had this down home you know. He sang about being imprisoned..

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