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Local show with Anthony Lima got number one in the morning for the Barrett Sports Media. Andrew Philip Pony, the Great Pony Express with with with Chris Mueller and Greg Riley. They got number one in Pittsburgh in the afternoon for the mini markets Fantastic job by them. I'll let you guys decide which one's better. You've got four hours of me. You've got four hours of pony. He's a fantastic person, even though he will open up the show undoubtedly taking shots at me. It was nice to win those awards and I was reminded of something this week. This is a saying that there's a weird thing to meet here. Because there comes times where When you do this hubris can take over and I'm always trying to look out for something like that, like you get something that's a nice recognition. But you forget the reason why you get that nice recognition is because there's a relationship with people and you try to remind yourself when you do this for for a considerable amount of time or for anybody time just how much that relationship matters to people. And our personal That relationship is Tony and his listeners in Pittsburgh. They have a very personal relationship. Me and my listeners here in Cleveland with very personal relationship. And I always try to protect that. And I always try to remember that. And sometimes you think you understand? And it takes a moment in your life where you thought you and you thought you understood, but you maybe need to understand better. And sadly, I got that reminder earlier this week. Good friend of ours. And a mentor to myself and Anthony Lyman. We throw that word around a lot in our society. But I would really feel that he if if we had a father of our show Les Levine would be that father. And Les Levine passed away this week. And a guy who's been in radioed for nearly 50 years and His last show was back during Christmas week. You see a guy who has been so great, so accomplished be remembered the way he woz And for how great he Woz. And to get the calls we got on Thursday where people sharing great stories sharing great memories remind you that Remind you have personal. This thing is because there have been times and sometimes I didn't understand. You know you do a four hour show..

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