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Our special guest is George Ross, who I have been a huge fan of Four years now. George Ross was a star of the Apprentice for the first I Can't remember how many years like it was like 14 seasons. I thought it was just like four or something. My red. That was 14 seasons. No wonder I just fell in love with George. And it's his attitude and his brains and his. You know I'm a gram a straight shooter, and I love something. This doesn't pussyfoot around. He just tells it like it is. I love that about him and his personality and the way he tells the stories because he lived him. It's very interesting. So he's those of you that don't know him. He was a Star of the apprenticed and he was introduced. I got introduced to him through a new relationship. Last year I Wealth management coach So I'm very delighted that he is gonna be with us, and I promise you it will be very entertaining and very educational. So I really hope that everybody goes to chapel in dot com two piece went out. And make sure you get registered. I'm not sure that we've given them the date so we should probably give them the day. Well, Diamond. That's why that's coming up on Wednesday Wednesday, February the 17th. So Wednesday, February 17th, and it's from 3 30 to 5 o'clock in the afternoon. So it's later in the day. So if you're working, just blow off work, you know, or if you're sitting at the office, you know you can do it because it's all virtual online is everything that you do it on your phone. You could be driving in your car and you can listen to it. I've done that before. Exactly you. Can. You know your fear at the house? Whip up your laptop opening up, booted up. There you go. It's a but I having you know, I have to tell you that when I have been getting some people go, Victoria, but this dentist started Victoria. But it's 3 30 in the afternoon, and I said, I'll tell you what if you register You have a legitimate reason like a doctor's excuse, like from your mom telling made the reason you cannot attend live. Will record it and I will send it to you. That's very generous of you. He was so upset Victoria I'm working Wednesday's Why can't you do it on Friday? And I'm go. I'm going Well, Let's just change that for you. Dr. Great. I'll be happy to do that for you, darling. So anyway, I did promise him in because he missed Charles Payne. And he was just so upset about that. Well, that Zaveri Nice offer. So Yeah, Go ahead, get registered. And if for some reason you cannot make it, but you did register. Then. Yeah, but I want to know from your mom. I'm telling you, Okay, anyway, sort of enforcement, But, yeah, it's coming up and you just go to chapel with dot com and you can get enrolled in that, and it's totally free. Absolutely. And you could. Yeah, we're sponsoring it. Chapel. What is sponsoring it? And if you seen Fridays Paper, those of you that live in nickel sales or take the Friday paper. We put an ad in there about it, so there's information there as well. So in if for risk, whatever reason you don't like registered online. All you have to do is call Shelly at four, or 5348090 and nine Okay, So if you're just joining us we have been talking about for a one case. What? What a 41 k an orphaned for a one K is and it is very Means prevalent people. So many people have them. That's why it's an important topic. But before we do that, what I would like Damon get more talking about the forum. One case before we do that, I would like to welcome in and introduce and this is her inaugural radio show. First time with here is our inauguration. Where is the hats? Where's the balloons? And where is the champagne? Damon? Okay, so I'd like to introduce a Miss Amber and Amber is joined the chapel with team back in December. However, she has been with us. Actually, it seems like Yeah, like a long time seems like a long time. But officially, so she's been to Damon's classes. She's gotten her degree she has been. She was with us at a couple of events, so we feel like she's been around a lot longer. Not when I say what we just but it was official December 1st. So her title with Chapel would is You're an associate director of client services, so Number tell us in our audience. What exactly does that mean? The associate director of client services at Chapel it? Yes. Well, first let me say thank you so much for having me today I will silver excited to be here and even more excited to be part of the chapel with team s o. I am the associate director of client services and what That means is that I am doing a lot of behind the scenes work with our lovely Shelly. We know where we love her. We love Shelly. I'm just fulfilling our wonderful clients needs helping her process paperwork, scheduling appointments, helping Damon get ready for appointments, transferring money and announced that very important. We've got to keep the money moving. I don't like it when their checks don't show up on they do not. So, yeah, among the many, many other things just helping Shelly. And, of course, um, helping the rest of the chapel with team. We know that Shelly is really the glue that keeps us all together. Well, you've also started a really cool video series. You're gonna tell us a little bit more about here later on, tell you about that later on. Yes. Well, I'm excited about that, because I'm so proud, but you're also a licensed professional insurance professional. And working towards becoming a license investment professional as well, Um, you know, and what That means, when your license insurance professional.

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