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Up on the news at six thirty teacher cuts imminent in Harford county, right once again, BuzzFeed is back at it. And we thought. We'd you know, we'll give you the latest update from our friends at BuzzFeed who are specialize in fake news. Buzzfeed. We don't check the facts we just report then this hour's headlines Harvey Weinstein to host the Oscar Kim Kardashian planes. She's still a virgin. Tom Brady to retire. Super bowl. Buzzfeed. We don't check the facts, we just report them. Yeah. They don't bother double. Checking anything that's obvious from from the folks over at BuzzFeed, Chuck Whitaker turns down smorgasbord that might be the next time line. Why me why me? Anything done anything. It's your whole life your whole life. Is this is your life? Chuck whitaker. Yes. Unfortunately, you've made it that way mistakes. After fifty years of this business. This is what it's come to. Yes. It's a day of shame. It it is it is just a slide out walkout gracefully. Lubar told me. He had plenty of time. When he was under the weather to start writing his his roast of of you also he's these Shahi sharpen his pencil over the last couple of weeks. In fact, I've hired a lot of writers do. He was soliciting donations. The Monsignor and all that stuff. I mean, you know. I'm not gonna tell secrets here. Oh. Yes. So there'd be a lot of folks that will will be enjoying. This is going to be a great great adventure. We can't wait soon as a doctor Liber gets back in studio. We will get going. To me. Eighteen eighteen minutes after you could join us here for ten WTVN six eighty one eight hundred look, I know it's a tough very tough topic. First thing in the morning, I get that. But it's important. I think it speaks to number one. This is a party with no heart. How can you possibly claim your bleeding heart do-gooder, compassionate liberal? And then pass a law like this in New York that allows for abortion for any reason at any time during the entire nine months of pregnancy even Roe v. Wade didn't go that far. It's just it's just amazing to me. This is really just one step shy partial birth abortion. When the baby is partially born alive, and then and then killed even halfway out of the womb. Well, there's going to have to be some kind of a push back. And I'm sure there will be somebody's going to try to take this decision. And maybe. Hope for a stay as far as the implementation is concerned, and then beyond that, maybe even wind its way up to the supreme court for descended on it. I tell you one thing that should happen. And I think one of our listeners just this is a Vendex boy who raise the question can Cuomo receive the Eucharist now this is horrifying this is infanticide. This barbarism is many adjectives as I can describe the Catholic church, the pope, who's a social Justice warrior, the pope should let it be known that any politician. That signs off the producers a Bill that votes in favor of a Bill like that it should be excommunicated immediately. From the Catholic church, and maybe then they'll get their ten should be shamed. Should be shamed. And named an excommunicated, and I should start in New York. And I got cardinal Dolan up there, and you got a number of others in pretty tough. But will they will they continue to give them a pass will the Catholic church continue to look the other way when it comes to this kind of horrific act. I know they'll they'll they'll speak platitudes. You'll say, oh, this is where opposed to this is horrible. But what will they actually do about it? They should be every single one of them in the Catholic. I don't know what to do about the other faith. But of the Catholic church there is a path to do it. It is an and they should start with Andrew Cuomo and go right down the line art at six twenty twenty minutes after the agree or disagree for ten WCBS six eighty one eight hundred WCBS six eighty about our good friends rescued natural supplements. And maybe you started trying to lose some weight for your news resolution were three weeks in and maybe you've hit the wall. And does happen might need a little bit of help. We've got the perfect thing for you. It's called rescue ideal weight. It's going to help lower your appetite be shed, those stubborn extra pounds and for the month of January..

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