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But yeah, we'll we'll see we get to see Eric read on the field and for someone who enjoys watching Eric replay, football, that is cool to see. So I think that does it probably for when the giants have the ball, I think we can move over to the other side of the ball when the giants are on defense and Carolina is on offense. And there's probably no other place we can start then the reduction which you know, I think maybe we'll blow this a little bit out of proportion because there's a limited amount of plays that. Actually are read option plays in a given game. It's not like these offenses are like fifty percent reduction. That's just not the case. Even we'll be talking about RPO's. They're a very small subset of players inside an offense. But when you're looking at the Panthers offense and the giants defense that has not been able to stop it at all day could come up really big. Oh, definitely in the Panthers, run it better than most teams? Well, we'll say mostly because of Cam Newton because he's just not normal. And he was also really, really good at running the option in Auburn. So he's been doing it for a long time. He does it really well. His ball handling is very impressive, and he is just hard to stop as a runner. Yeah, he's he's bigger than your linebackers. He might be bigger than some of your defensive linemen depending on how big your defensive linemen are. So it's just the size. Wise, it's hard to bring him down and then you add in how good he actually is a rudder. So the Panthers have this year, we reading one hundred eighty two yards on option plays that six point one yards per play, Cam Newton per sports info solutions that has seventeen carries.

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