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Bergh Adam would jeopardize Zillow put it put together. Real nice piece. Looking literally at every angle of this Scott will to Texas AM LSU story, some intriguing stuff first of all Adam thanks for joining us. Good to have you shop. Great to be with you. Tony. All right. Let's start here. Big picture thirty thousand feet, Adam. What what was your first takeaway when you heard the Scott Woodward who had put together this juggernaut of an organization at Texas AM? He suddenly decides that he wants to go home. And oh, by the way, Joe alita just got shoved out the door to another job. What was your first reaction to all of that? Sure, Tony why I would say the part about a lever was not a surprise. That was something that was likely coming sooner rather than later. His stock had been falling know really for several years. Among some of the key folks at LSU, which is you know, is a very politically charged environment. As are many of the top programs around the country. But it just didn't never say it seemed like a lever was going to be long for that job. Especially after the situation involving men's basketball. Coach will Wade last month obviously into this month with his reinstatement. And so elite being out was not a surprise to think for me and those in the industry surprise came with Woodward taking this job not because he didn't have love for LSU or was it from Baton Rouge. But you know, the say an M situation at least from the outside looks a little bit more stable largely because of Scott Woodward than the one at LSU. Text say 'em has an established elite level football coach, JIMBO Fisher. They now bring in buzz Williams the coaster. Men's basketball program money has never been an issue there. So why leave that program for LSU where certainly at ores Ron had a nice year last year. But there's questions about him long-term. There's certainly a lot more questions about the men's basketball program. So that that was where the surprise was not so much that alita was out or moved to another part of the university. But that that Scott Woodward really wants to take on this challenge. LSU Adam based on the reporting that you, and you Jeff did I fear is an his strictly theory..

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