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Our this is Richard R. J. ASCAP quick reminder we record the show on Thursdays with errors on Saturdays in the television program is up on Monday evenings and I tell you all that because Saturday is the Nevada caucus is on the Nevada based debate I have Wednesday night we all of those candidates are are in play in the caucus vote in Nevada and joining us now on the ground in Nevada is our good friend Daniel Maryland's question Daniel's work from HuffPost when he has politics reporter so without any further ado den Americans in Nevada thank you for joining us it's great to be here Richard though I am offended by your pronunciation of Nevada which as Harry Reid or anybody else will tell you is downstream pay a flat a so now that you say Nevada I say Nevada let's call the whole thing he are you probably don't know that reference but he okay so it should be Nevada yeah yeah that's not a huge thing won't don't tell anybody but yeah that that's just sort of the the one of the little points of snobbery of reporters repair shooting here every four years is that you need to know how to pronounce that mall okay I stand corrected I'll I'll I'll try it out for years from now he okay so you're there we have the debate let's start with the lady in probably the obvious question from the people you're talking to today again Thursday the bank is last night as we record this you think that debate change very many people's minds I think that the biggest outcome of that debate was obviously taking Bloomberg down a notch I think that one of the beautiful more more elegant elements of the sort of attack that Warren launched about the nondisclosure agreements is that looks like the issue albeit smaller and more minor judges nondisclosure agreement with mackenzie it's the sort of line of question that can generate its own multi day news cycle where will now be asking as reporters Hey are you guys actually gonna do this we're gonna follow up or you know release the stuff and if he doesn't that that also becomes a story so and I think also just so much and this is one thing I really try to focus on my coverage so much of Bloomberg's page on the airwaves has been electability page and that's not surprising because it's been a focus sometimes in the very Fassel way in this presidential primary but if your if your page is electability against Donald Trump and you're you're you're getting your your abstract around by not just those with Warren but to some extent Joe Biden's assembly is I thought P. booted judge there's some very effective all those as well and and Bernie Sanders then maybe you're not actually not battle like the one I think so that's the biggest outcome rather than just be a positive one for Elizabeth Warren who had a very stand out performance but I'm not sure has the fundamentals to to turn that into a material balk we'll see and I'm hoping to get some more Intel on that at some of its later today but I can tell you right off the bat as someone that just covers this even without looking at the polling numbers this was brutal for Bloomberg if not terminal but on which side you know right it took me a second okay yeah the the Bloomberg terminal folks.

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