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Imagine it summer. 1937 in easthampton. The atlantic ocean is sparkling in the midday sun. And if you squint. Wanting yes i'm squinting got so bossy. Okay so if you squint you can make out one swimmer whose farther out than all the others. It's eight year. Old jacqueline bouvier. Okay what's she doing all the way out there. So jackie's father dared her to swim out as far as she can. Her muscles already ache in salt stings her eyes. But in the distance she can see the last barrel floating just above the water a benchmark that only the strongest swimmers can hit and she's determined to get there a big wave rolls in and knocks. Jackie back she gas for air and spits the salty water out of her mouth. She glances back at the shore. Should she just turned around. She sees umbrellas lining the beach from here. They're just colorful dots. The uniformed waitstaff scurrying from table to table look like tiny black ants. This is the maidstone beach club where she and her family rub elbows with other ultra. Rich elite new yorkers during the summer. Jackie stays at her grandfather's house down the road. It boasts a stable a tennis court. And an italian fountain filled with goldfish. It's a cushy life and her future has all been laid out for her when she gets older. She'll be expected to marry well. She'll fill her days organizing photo albums and sipping tea at charity events. She'll follow all the rules. Her mom's already teaching her. Never put your elbows on the table. One wiping your mouth. Only use the interior of the napkin. Turn teacup handles. Two three o'clock exterior spoons from twelve to six without making a clinking sound. What if you like the clanking sound then not for you harsh but out here on the water life is still wild unpredictable back on land. That's her mother's world. The ocean is her father's jackie imagines her parents watching her from the shore. Her mother shaking her head with a pinch look on her face. Her father who everyone says looks just like clark gable cheering jackie on unlike his wife. He doesn't give a damn about the rules. He believes in living life to the fullest. Wherever that takes in jackie's heard enough of their fights to know her mother's about to leave him. She'll probably have to go live with her mother. Who won't ever let her out this far again. Jackie is exhausted from fighting against the waves but she keeps the barrel in her crosshairs going to reach it. She knows she'll never have the freedom her father has. She's not a man and this is still the nineteen thirties but in her own way however she can. she's going to try okay ratio. i know you're over. The colleges admissions scandal that broke last year. How can i forget. Okay so take a listen to this. Reenactment of an fbi wiretap from the case. Is there any risk that this thing blows up in my face. It hasn't in twenty four years ago. I know of that but the environment like some article comes out that the the polo team is selling seats into the school. For two hundred and fifty grand. Well now because she's a water polo player. But she's not okay. I'm pumped please tell me. This is part of an incredible new doc on the subject. Yup from chris. Smith executive producer of tiger king comes operation varsity blues. Only on netflix march. Seventeenth you are not gonna wanna miss this. This episode is brought to you by carmax. America's number one used car retailer by your next car your way at carmax my way like i have options. Please go on of course whether you wanna buy online at home or in person on the lot. Carmax has you covered. They even have the option of choosing curbside pickup at all locations or home delivery in select markets. That's amazing with carmax as always you can choose from over. Fifty thousand carmax certified vehicles at carmax dot com. Every car is covered by thirty day. Money back guarantee up to fifteen hundred miles a car. Shopping experience that's flexible convenient and personalize at carmax. The choices yours get all the details and start the search for your next car today. At carmax dot com. I'm wondering i'm orissa's get williams. And i'm brooks efren and this is even the rich where we bring you absolutely true and absolutely shocking stories about the greatest family dynasties ever seen. It's a show about power. How you get it you keep it and what happens when it goes to your head. It's also about how the rich are just like us. Because even the rich love and cry and dream and hope and tweet means during oprah interviews so brooke you know how much i love the kennedys. I think he mean how much we both love. I mean this is our third season on them after all. okay fair. but we're finally getting to the kennedys. Who put the kennedys on the map. Jack and jackie the playboy president and the first lady fashion on our last two series. We talked a lot about influencers who lived their private lives in public. But now we're going to tell you the story of a couple who were as private as they were famous and as you're about to learn. There's a big difference between jack and jackie. The people and jack and jackie the legends. This is episode one queen. Deb okay brooke. Let's play word association when i say jackie. O what do you think Pearls obviously thank chanel skirt-suit pillbox hat ladylike. Yes that's exactly what i thought too but behind closed doors. Jackie wasn't really that at all. Whenever she had a choice she were pants and went barefoot and she smoked two packs a day. What wait hold on why she had that breathy voice. She couldn't get enough oxygen. Maybe we miss. Jackie is complicated. People who worked at the white house called her by far the most complex of all the first ladies and understand. Why you've gotta start with her parents Yes i remember squinting with them at the beach a couple minutes ago jack and janet there a study in contrast her father. Jack movie is charming and mischievous her mother or janet. Lee is stern informal but they do have one thing in common. They both belong to a very specific social class. I don't know what historians call it. But i'm going to call it old money ish in call. Abc show janet lee traces. Her family roots back to robert. E lee the confederate general. But while her family's last name really is really the truth is they're not related to the general. They came over from ireland during the potato famine and spotted an opportunity. Americans weren't exactly welcoming of the irish back in the day so it was in their best interest to fit in. And if your last name already lead by not claim the most famously. In the south is your forefather k. Solid strategy meanwhile. The bouvier side of. The family claims to be descended from french aristocrat to knob with napoleon and is that true. Nope jackson sisters were cattle herders. I mean maybe they were lucky enough to heard police. Cows both jackie's parents trace their roots to con artists. You'd think that would be a solid foundation for our marriage. right shockingly. it's not because while they both care about their place in society. Jack and janet have very different attitudes towards money namely janet likes to spend it. Well and jack like suspended poorly. He's a gambler and a drinker and a serial womaniser. Sounds like true love. i mean his nickname's pretty much. Tell you everything you need to know about the guy people call him the black orchid the black chic and most commonly blackjack jets willing to turn a blind eye to his philandering as long as he's discreet unfortunately is not in nineteen forty. The new york daily mirror post the story that will add another nickname to his collection beloved commuter. The gossip piece also includes photos of several of blackjacks. Lady friends and let's say janet does not do humiliation.

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