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Us on the radio we're talking about the malheur national federal wildlife refuge in oregon where there was a long standoff that went down between some supporters of the hammond family were couple of the hannon's were sent to prison due to a burn dispute over federal land policies and there's an update in that case in that donald trump has now pardoned apparently dwight hammond and his son steven the armed standoff had followed the judge's ruling that sent the two men back to prison to serve more time after their initial release in and so they originally were sentenced even though there's a mandatory minimum five year sentence for the alleged arson where they were doing some kind of controlled burn and apparently something on the other side of the property line that was government land apparently some of that burned and they were charged with arson mandatory minimum sentence on that was five years the judge said that it would be unfair to put them away for five years so the judge wound up i don't know if he did like suspend un below the guidelines but he definitely went below the guidelines they were in for several bides i think like six to nine then put were released and then somehow some top official in the obama administration found out wait a second somebody with a mandatory minimum didn't serve their mandatory minimum back to prison and then they were set back to present i think it was late twenty fifteen and then that's what led to the occupation of the wildlife refuge in early twenty six in the wintertime when the refuge was technically closed career went in and basically took it over the takeover was another flare up according to reuters in decades old conflict over federal control of millions of acres of public land in the western united states in oregon about half of all land is controlled by the federal government a veteran does oil on them lands you wanna talk about a something that needs to change i mean the federal government should not be controlling half of the western united states keeping it safe for our future generations and unusable and off the market so no one can do anything with it but if walmart was to move in there they they clearly clear it to desert oh conan real walmart would only wind up moving in if they got the land for free right if amazon moved in there they would clear it to desert we're going to get to amazon coming up here they move in there if they got the land for furry the leaders of the mall here standoff including activists amnon ryan bundy were cleared of federal charges for their role in the protest of october two thousand sixteen to add to that it was a jury that cleared them in that particular case because the federal government would at them whole hog in wanted to put them in prison for a very long time ammon bundy on tuesday called the pardon long overdue he said quote we went up there to prevent the atrocity from happening to begin with and if people would have listened to us the hammonds wouldn't have had to have gone through this suffering he said in a telephone interview the pardons are the latest in a series by trump to have raised questions about whether he's using presidential power to reward political supporters no wait wait didn't obama did the same thing right but hold on hold on obama waited until the final two months before he started pardoning people left and right but isn't that what's to be expected by a person in a position of power is that they're going to wield their power to benefit their friends and to punish their enemies is that's supposed to be a surprise that people are supposed to be shocked by that that donald trump might be using his political power play trump was supposed to be different from other presidents and he's just doing what everybody else did these a little different he tweets more often and he's got an attitude which is kind of amusing did you see that apparently he was giving four leaders his personal cell phone number no yeah what is what's the relevance why hasn't the left blown up with this information i why am i not hearing every news channel ads thing or yes because all official correspondence with the president is supposed to be documented he was taking private calls four men somebody would be like mr trump who were you just on the phone with and they would have to try to recreate the conversation zords something to go in.

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