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It's ten twenty three traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all-wheel-drive traffic on the threes. Now where we starting Kevin poets tickets south of town this time hard expressway. Northbound still congested east Milton up through Nepal against Savon hill, the Columbia road. And then one more time jammed up mass avenue the O'Neill tunnel. So far so good southbound coming down through Savon hill route three southbound to get your brake lights again into the left lane. Cruise after two twenty eight and Rockland, one twenty eight northbound's looking good canton up through the mass pike, but southbound's heavy out of Waltham. Getting down these crews taken Elaine just after the mass pike before route sixteen in Newton ninety five not too bad. Now looking pretty good with some brake lights approaching one twenty eight here in canton, twenty is wide open. Mass pike you're looking good through the Newton's. You've got a couple of brake lights though, as you work your way into the Pru tunnel. Downtown lower deck back to mystic avenue without Leverett down ramp. Full to open too nice ride in now from Chelsea airport tunnels. Are still busy over there at the Ted Williams tunnel westbound from the airport over to south Boston Sumners easing out quickly with some slight delays just approaching the entrance off a one eight. This report sponsored by the new total. Traffic Boston skill for Alexa, before you tackle traffic on your commute today at the new total traffic Boston report to the flash briefing on your Amazon echo, just say, Alexa, enable total traffic Boston to install and ask. Alexa to play your flash briefing. Every morning for updates on what the roads look like, I'm Kevin Brennan WBZ's traffic on the three. Thank you. Kevin. It's ten twenty four dean devore now the four day forecast. Brought to you by.

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