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Las vegas k k l c h d to las vegas human questions a strong denial i'm richard jobson who go sheboygan's investigation into michigan state's handling of larry nassar the doctor who submitted abusing young female athletes for nearly thirty years after the promise from bill schutte michigan's attorney general my department in this investigation will find out who knew what and when who shook action who failed to take action what did or did not happen and what should have happened since nasser's sentencing this week michigan state's president and athletic director of left the school and every member of the board of usa gymnastics the country's governing body for the sport has resigned it was a small turnout had a gathering in the small southwestern kentucky town rocked by a school shooting this week correspondent kiely heart tung is in bitten kentucky one student in attendance told me see estimated only about a quarter of the student body was there as administrators tried to emphasize to the students the many resources that are available to them as they deal with this incredibly difficult time with grief counselors on hand marshall county high school is open again now that investigators of finished processing the scene where students shaath nearly twenty fellowstudents killing two of them a strong denial well from las vegas casino owner steve wynn guelleh gatien's he abused female employees over many years in in his statement said we find ourselves in a world where people can make allegations regardless of the truth that a person is left with a choice of weathering insulting publicity or engaging in multiyear lawsuits it is deplorable for anyone to find themselves in this situation corresponded miguel marquez the allegations come from a deposition from winds exwife as well as from dozens of women interviewed by the wall street journal wind today stepped down as finance chair of the republican party i'm rich johnson the stielike lounge presents any of the progressive box oh what a great audit much dim the lights for this next one too much veritas to things just.

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