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Thrill three three five nine six two one seven as the number to call let's take a look at some other numbers look we gave it up part of this uh earlier in the show the median price of a detached home so far this year in the denver marketplace is three hundred eighty thousand where did it end up in december right around three hundred and eighty thousand very close so we're sticking to that track and the median price it is is really a significant number because we will see that continue to go up and up and up for the next six or seven months most likely by the way the average price of the denver home well so far for the two hundred and ten homes that as go have gone under market that's not enough for for true study is four hundred and forty five thousand the average price however for most of december was four hundred eighty five thousand so that's just how small numbers work they distort the reality so we're not going to focus too much on that but here's the bigger picture in colorado springs denver fort collins all of the front range the the inventory is that is maybe momentary low point of the last twelve months and likely the low point of the next twelve months right now and may be the low point in history ryan i well it once upon a time the history was zero well k in recent fine what is your thought of reason i won a seriously probably thirty or forty years it could be the lowest in who tori we've had in thirty years i'll see how far i could find back the denver metro association of realtors in aurora and i think smadga south metro district south metro denver association of realtors i think we tween the three associations and maybe the.

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