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Well, watching go out with Barry Corbin, and you know, and I guess you guys to phones jam jam jam. So we'll get the show still going on recipes. So it's awesome, so educate some folks, why this matches here was I got to be Frank. I haven't been crazy about the lineup. How they booked being booked the show like what matches will wear I got a quarterback that not crazy about that. Not get that a little bit here, but this match here Barrick, call Kurt angle. This is I don't think that you know, I'm not trying to disrespect the guys but Kurt angle he's a lot older is it for him. And I just a sumo figures match was not going to be great. They knew they will do some wicked watt stuff falls count anywhere where triple h Tista and what they're trying to do is set up the right positioning for the main event for. For the three way match. What the ladies what Ronda Rousey and Becky and Charlotte. So you wanna position your main event the best way you can. Okay. So, you know, let's say federally hypothetical say they put triple h and Batista semi like next last right before the ladies, the girls, the women, you know, might be tough for them to follow at first. So I'm thinking on how I know they think the office of Debbie's office. They would book they would try to book this match because they feel like maybe it's going to be as hot. So it's a little bit better positioning for the main event that doesn't mean they don't think much of the main event that just you should always do due diligence and your best efforts to put position the main event the best possible way you can. And we just witnessed Kurt angle lose the match straight up the Baruch Alban it was actually pretty good match. And so just lost Kurtz. Don. So that's it. So his last match unless they change us. Something was too Barikot van. So the ultimate rub as we call it all you be that you're giving Tabarik, Robin. That Olympic gold medalist and decorated world champion Kurt angle. Consider frantic guy had up to to to to wrestle so many times and travel wouldn't stuff. You know what I mean? So it's just an amazing career for an amazing for this kid. Barry Corbin to get the ultimate rub of Kurt Mr. moon salt. And then what happens you had been capitalize from that his finish. And boom, he gets the one-two-three. So I would assume that again, I can't listen to the sound of about to watch. But I'm sure that everybody MetLife stadium eighty thousand people are going to be giving angle standing ovation and chanted his name. I'm sure coaching to cry. So I would cry too. If that was my send off so I I don't blame him. I don't blame him for CHRI. Let's go down to Atlanta talked to Dana Dana, you're on what tash right here, especially this tash show. What's going on? Hey, how's it going man loving showed wonder first of all congratulations that you man been for me for a long time? WCW when it back into early two thousand was a five nine, and they basically told me I was too short. But I thank you. I've lived through your man, I've watched you do miraculously things. Thank you very much. I appreciate the love data. Thanks so much meant. That's what's up. We'll talk to be just wanted to say I was actually impressed at the triple h versus up Chiesa match, man. They actually moved around pretty good. They took a lot of heart hard bump it. I wasn't expecting. I you do. I mean for for guys that that age, you know in forever. You know, what I mean like I was saying that the top of the show watching them while I was on the area. I'm like guys playing around and take some legit. I mean hasn't been a long time. He's taking big pal ball bumps on on the steel steps. Then I appreciate the call. And appreciate the compliments. Yeah. No. I mean, you know, the thing is, you know, I it's it's for triple h if you work with triple h it's like, you know, he's he's more or less got caught blonde. She could do whatever he wants to do. So if you have all that furniture and use them weapons and using pliers in the hammers. And all the stuff it can help the match. So and being the boss he can do that. And and let me switch back to looking at Kurt angle. So he's going to all his kids, and he has a lot of kids. So and and to his wife is this is his new wife, it it's going to wife, and they're all in tears and Curtis happy. You know, he lost a match and he's done. I feel that he has knowing Kurt do. I know Kurd. I mean, he he's smiling. He so I think he's got closure that he's done. He doesn't look sad. He was on. Mike say something I could hear him because I'm hosting a worldwide radio show. So it's kind of hard to. To on. Let me hear Kurt islands. Can't do that. So, but anyway, yeah, I it. He looks happy. I mean, so good for him to go out at a massive massive event. Like wrestlemainia at MetLife stadium for eighty something douse of people in the shadows of New York City. What you've heard about five thousand times from the analysis real quick on that see people like people treatment. What why saying I got a guy from Louisiana say been up there from Louisiana, isn't it like MetLife stadium in jersey yet it's in East Rutherford, New jersey? But it sounds better this respect to jersey to say shadows of New York City as opposed to New Jersey. And that's a real thing. Maybe maybe football's done that here and there, but I know that's a big Vincent man thing. Unlike this show, we do here at the show. I'm doing right now, we are actually right in the middle of new city. Yes. No shadow. Some shadows around. But it's not the shadow new city. So that's deal. Speaking of man who can catch the big shadow. How are you sir Schwartz? What's going on? Bravo. And not too much ready ready for the sports update you bring whether I'm ready or not it's going to happen. It's going to be great too. I hope so it's good to see you tonight here. So I'll be going anywhere. Contractually obligated to be. They way..

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