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Help perverts that's what pamela anderson tells page six night believe ride hill apps are optimize for predatory drivers as she said that she claims i am stunned by how many hashtag mi2 stories linked directly to ride hailing i am deeply concerned about girls and boys at travel alone in cars was strangers who haven't been vetted its digital hitchhiking mickael israeli if you think about it in my opinion cars with those out drivers as an had to teach them how to navigate around about that was a low moment oh my god and i was like no dude you can't just stop and let the other people in uganda gave by going all that is a horrible i have a funny story i'll tell you coming out of my gosh that makes me scared us because i've gotten nothing saying hottest yeah all right but does he have to pay you then have yet yep and then gummy ten dollars to drive me to my ipad okay on tv tonight we had a libyan amman hosting the critics choice of words on the sea w we have a truth in lies the tonya harding's story on abc also the showed the four which alexis did not like he watched it it's the new singing competition xiao y'all fearing the oscar que did i think she was confused while we were confused by those weird giant cares on the voice in the first year what is that i said a thrill then that's elitist or he could find more at my talk one of seven one dot com mccullough perry dealer updates at the top of every hour plus get extended dirt alerts at 820 twelve twenty and 520 had an hour.

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