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No i'm gonna lay over my allegiance. Romans fees and how the resurrection meant that. I have our receiving death. Thanks tolman but i. And that's what i told god because after i told him that i didn't wanna be straight. I felt him speak to me again and say just learn to love me. I'm like austat simple. It's just it's just that in. So i knew that i had two options. It's a reject guard in this moment. Continue to live. How i wanna live our choose. Him and i felt like choosing him. That had to be the better option. Because he's got an apartment it wasn't me wanting to flee hail. It wasn't about hill really it was. I really saw. That guy was better. And that's that wasn't me. That's legitimately some holy spirit lifting the veil from is where i see the glory of god and jesus christ and i see him as worthy above all things and so i chose him by his grace. Right there in your bedroom. Yes which i. I literally adore stories like this. They've had a lot the semester on the happy hour of god revealing himself to people in ways that only he can not from anywhere from a pulpit. Not from anyone on the side of the street not from someone telling them they're gonna go to hell if they don't repent it's literally god the holy spirit drawing them to have and so i. I love that so much because we get to see. This is what god says. he's gonna do. He wasn't gonna give me at a church. Because i go. Yeah people at church. Look at me like i was a net and church people on the outside of church. I'm sure they didn't talk to me. Okay i was never witnessed and you don't have to witness the people but i was. I felt and i was in saint louis missouri which is still kind of is mid west but is southern. I'm in a place that isn't the most liberal so i wasn't fully. I didn't feel accepted in public. Except when i was around the gay community and so i was not going to step foot in a church at all. So god like i got to meet this girl in her bedroom and he did. I got i got here at the mass is there you go so we meet you in your bedroom. You have this moment of got. I going to choose you and you're gonna help me. That is the most childlike faith. Because what you're saying. Is i don't want you and i don't wanna change my life but i'm going to choose it you're better and then one. Let's say you're all happy. No because the the the hardest thing. I knew that i had to do was leave. My girlfriend gal. And i loved her. I really really really did love her. I'm sorry called. Her and i broke up with her and told her. Hey i can't be with you Because i'm trying to love. Jesus and i thought i heard i know what the people it sounds crazy. But she actually wasn't shocked..

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