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Help you understand all your mortgage options get a personalized loan options. Closing costs and taxes from its all in real time. Rocket can rocket mortgage David said Ronnie WBC's traffic on the threes in the four day forecasts Snow heavy this afternoon as you can see, but ending early this evening, 3 to 6 inches for Boston, 6 to 8 inches for the South Shore, South Coast. Cape and Islands expect slippery travel highs in the low mid thirties Tonight Bridge. And cold slush and standing water is gonna freeze solid, low 20 mostly sunny tomorrow but pretty cold high mere 30. Mostly cloudy with occasional snow snow flurries on Tuesday, Low thirties low thirties again on Wednesday, but sunshine patchy clouds Right now it's 31 degrees heavy snow in Boston to 15. Local and fiercely independent. This is WBC news radio Good afternoon on Madison Rodgers here, the five things you need to know the city of Chicago and that city's teacher union have come to a tentative deal that will likely head off a strike. Gail graduate student is dead after a student A shooting in New Haven, Connecticut last night on a double stabbing in Taunton today leaves two people badly injured. Were 3378 New Cove in cases in the state's latest report, along with 59 deaths, Police still searching for a missing 11 year old boy in Chick, a Pee who was last.

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