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Second Gold. Try Ingram again. Second effort. Ingram fighting He's in touchdown. Ravens The power of Mark Ingram reports say that Mark Ingram had a good week of practice. And there is optimism right now amongst the Baltimore Ravens organization that he will be available. This, of course, is the night came Against the Patriots on NBC. So that one's going to be a call. Where? Look, if you're hoping to start Mark Ingram. Unfortunately, you're probably in a bad spot with your running backs. And so the good news. The optimism that he should play is probably enough where I would say if you have to make the decision. It seems likely that he's going to be able to go tonight. What if you're somebody who has other options, and you can wait on starting Mark Ingram. I would certainly do that He is. He's not even you know, He's not the guy he was last year where he was really the feature back along with Mark Jackson. We heard Lamar Jackson be outspoken this week about how on the rich Eisen show about how a teams are calling out some of the plays When the Ravens get to the line of scrimmage. That obviously is something I'm sure they worked on all week to rectify. Mark Ingram. He's stuck now in a trio of running backs, along with JK Dobbins and Gus Edwards. Both cabins and Edwards have been productive in Ingram's absence, so If I'm a Mark Ingram owner. I would definitely do my best to look for other alternatives because I think the only way you're gonna feel good about this game this week is if he's fortunate enough. To find the end zone. And you know that's really just going to be a matter of whether or not the Ravens find themselves near the goal line on his Sirius because again we've talked about this at length now this season. Greg Roman basically has a straight rotation with his running backs, and he likes to keep them all fresh show. I don't think I don't think Mark Ingram is a great start this week, but if you're desperate, he should be out on the field. Flashing takes it all the way for the touchdown. Patriots are right back in it. All right, so the Patriots on the other side of the ball against the Ravens, they have a tough matchup. Because the Ravens run defense is stout. In addition to that, the Harris I like that I just played He If you watch last week you saw on Monday night. He left the game late in the fourth quarter suffered a difficult chest injury was blown up on a play also dealing with an ankle injury as well. But there is optimism that he is going to be able to go tonight, which really just kind of makes the entire Patriots Backfield a mess. I was actually hoping that if Damian Harris took a week off, Rex Burkhead could be somebody who was interesting. But now that Harrises back, you've got the Harris Birkhead. White tram bridge. So just like the Ravens backfield a bit of a mess for fantasy. The Patriots backfield looks to be a mess again tonight with Harris probably likely to go and again against the Ravens defense that is difficult. Too difficult Proposition. Russell takes the high snap. Hands it off. Chris Carson pounces Williams Touchdown Seahawks person from five yards down. Unless you built a wall right in front of him, And even that probably wasn't going to stop him. Well, I guess we have clarity. Chris Carson and Carlos Hyde have already been ruled out yet again this week. Now there is encouragement that Chris Carson Should be definitely in the mix and back for the Seahawks next week. So that's good news for Carson the owners out there, but this week he's not going to.

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