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There's a lot of support for police officers in the country. It is because there are so many police officers living in so many neighborhoods around the country that your next door. Neighbor may be a police officer. You know a police officer you church with police officer. You're engaged in the community with police officer in. Them. And so this, this broad brush that is being paid negatively of police officers is is not going to help the Democrats anywhere. In fact here in Georgia WSB WSB T. V. has the story in Atlanta a dramatic slowdown in policing in the city of Atlanta has continued for a second week or Richard Belcher a retired senior police official warns that Atlanta's poorest neighborhoods will suffer. Police are not as active Channel Two investigative reporter. Richard Belcher Cam. Cam and citywide numbers for the week before the Rashard Brooke Shooting and the week after the week when two officers were charged with Brooks, death and scores of officers called in sick, those numbers show the Atlanta Police Department made a total of fifty traffic stops last week. A one time deputy chief cold at a perfect storm that includes police frustration with City Hall Brooks's death, and the violent aftermath captured the attention of the whole country. But the drop and police activity started six days before the lethal confrontation. The trigger for the slowdown may have been when six officers taste and arrested two young people at a downtown protest. The officers were fired by the city and charged by the district attorney. A police union official says officers are worried. It's hesitation to be the next officer that's put in jail. said Vince champion with the International Brotherhood of police officers for the two weeks in question Atlanta police officers made nearly one thousand one hundred arrests citywide last year this year three hundred. Hundred ten arrests were made during this period down seventy two percent arrests for narcotics were down. Ninety five percent police did not make a single narcotics arrest last week. Traffic stops her down eighty eight weeks for the two week period year to year. Police may just fifty stops all of last week. It's just the perfect storm for impacting police services at Lou Arkan Jelly, who spent twenty nine years with the Atlanta, department four as a deputy police chief. Basics have been discarded. He said because of the special interest in special needs of these riots. Are Arcangeli are Angeli alerted belcher to the extraordinary shapes this week. To City Hall Committee Meeting. Councilwoman or councilmen ask the police chief. Why can't we get that body out of the street? I was just notified that there is there is a young man that has been shot and killed at three seventy seven Westchester Boulevard if you could get a unit out there, he's been on the ground. There's no police to come to. He's already dead. Poorer neighborhoods are the hardest hit according to Arken Jelly. You're seriously impacted, and you don't have your good beat. Cops in contact with your law abiding citizens, and that's what we've lost. In the last three weeks compared to last year, shooting arrests tripled last week, and the number of shooting victims almost quadrupled. Serious domestic crimes have risen by fifty seven percent. The mayor's office in Atlanta has declined to react to the story. This is not a good issue for the Democrats. If the police stay home because they're being blamed. If there is a crimewave. This is GonNa hurt the Democrats. This gets to senator. Tim Scott's point the Democrat run cities. Could have implemented police reform if they wanted to. And they chose not to. Instead now they're treating the police's bad guys in Detroit Atlanta Minneapolis. Los Angeles Philadelphia. All these cities could have banjo. Kohl's themselves. They increase the police reporting. Themselves could have more data information themselves. They have deescalation training themselves. They can have duty intervened. Minneapolis as well. All these communities have been run by Democrats.

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