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We know we're getting tonight. So you know. That's funny. I bring it up in part because like I've heard Byron Scott, say that when he was growing up, he's sneaking heard. I think Paul Pierce said it like any any kid who grew up in LA during the of the forum at some point. It sounds like snuck in. I don't know how it held all these kids. Absolutely. You think it's a little harder to sneak into an MBA arena now, for sure, no way around that. Definitely security. Well, hopefully you're not going to have to sneak in. You're going to be signed somewhere soon and you'll be back in jersey. For me. Pointing cheer for sure. When are we getting team back in Seattle? Have you, have you ever participated in any of that locally trying to to lobby or get investors on board or whoever. It's going to be that it's going to get this thing moving again. Sure. Have. I'm copying that we team species Walla glove, like in five years, but I'm really confident that the Knicks came back. I just feel like the time before that we seen our fan base, like if the storm, the Seahawks Sounders matters, you know, we have to really team great fan base and guys coming. Never been big time actually fall in love with it, you know? So hopefully it seemed like there. Yeah, see, I got admit, I'm a little bit torn Jamal. I love Seattle. I loved going there during my Laker beat writing days. So that was two trips a year guaranteed. And I did cover Laker sonic series. I think my first year on the beat great city and we all miss it in the NBA, but I don't want them to expand feel like thirty teams as the right number. I feel like you add fifteen more players. It's just going to dilute things too much. There's already teams that just I think our unwatchable because there's just not enough talent. There's NBA level talent, but not like all star type. None of all star talent to go around, especially with guys all conglomerate a couple of cities and joining up. So I'm torn here. I wanna see basketball back and Seattle, but I feel like it's got to be a team that sadly gets moved again. We'll be. I'll be. Be the way. Could be a team in because I, I know how we felt king Louis. I'll hate to have to maintain, but you know, we'll see play out. Before let you go. I thought I, this, that you Zach Lowe a few days ago, did his list of hall of fame absurdities the things that it would be a new hall of fame wing, all of the weirdest things that have happened in the NBA. It would be its own museum. It's a series of exhibits in the museum. So it'd be things like the banana boat with with Chris Paul, Braun and Dwayne Wade or the entire emoji war on the night of the de'andre Jordan situation candidates for the you've seen everything. We have candidates for the hall of absurdities. I don't think you were involved in any of these by the way. Think about that. Not Andrew, Jordan emoji war you weren't. You weren't. Where were you in that? I wasn't there. I didn't have emoji though. So you love that blackberry. Maybe the start situation. I mean, that was so yes. Yeah, these are mostly more lighthearted ones. So yeah, that wings. Ghana was definitely not like heart. So yeah, I'll have to think about that. Yeah, yeah. All right. Well, work on that and we'll get you back on at some points and we can discuss absurdities and other fun stuff. And next time we talk, I can't wait to see which jersey you're wearing, but I know you'll be back somewhere very soon plan. Appreciate it back. Thank you. The full forty eight is available each week on the Bleacher report app and you can subscribe for free at podcasts. Please leave us a rating while you're there four or five stars, whatever you're comfortable with and give us a review at the same time. It helps the pot out a lot. We really appreciate it. Thanks again and we'll see an. Hey, it's Matt Cam for Bleacher report and Sirius XM. And if you want to win and fantasy football this year, then subscribe to my podcast fantasy camp. Who should you start? Who should you sit? Should you add who's to do drop trade? I got all the answers and I have covered so subscribe to the fantasy camp hunt gas now.

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