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This is not going to be a contrast in styles. This is not going to be the high flying Dallas Stars with Spencer and sharp and Sagan who was injured and Ben and Cody Eakin in that group. This is going to be the team that plays structure the team that plays great team defense. The team had backtracks better than any team in the NHL. According to Ben Lovejoy and against another team in Saint Louis that place. A very strict I'll call it the one three one rather call the trap. But Saint Louis is not going to outscore you either say Lewis's mode since they've gotten hot since January. I is they give up very few goals. They do not allow a whole lot in the net. Dallas Stars Ben Bishop, you know, this team's going to a lot of goals. So this is Owen. This is almost a first team to two is probably going to win most of the games in this series because you're not because the amount of bucks going in. Well, let's talk a little bit about the few changes. And then we'll get into the details of one of maybe the key differences in this team Matija Margaret turns the lineup tonight. After missing the last four games to a lower body injury which he suffered in game. Two in Nashville in the first round he returned in that game much to the surprise of everybody on the stars bench. But he did not play after that. He could have played probably the last two games games five or six, but because of the way the stars were playing with their current lineup. They kept it the same burst. They're not holding Mark back anymore. He's in an Tyler pit lake comes out. It's no Tyler but Matija, Marcus a better hockey player. Mark has great hockey. Senses. Fast. Skater on the back check. And he creates opportunities, unfortunately from Matisse he hasn't buried a whole lot of them. But he creates opportunities and create space and stretches the defense. Unlike Tyler lick now all that being said you've got Jason specif- playing on the right wing now in that line and just endowing in the middle. So this line somehow gets caught on the ice and specis ability to backcheck on the right wing because of his lack of speed compared to pick is exposed tonight. You might see pit look right back in game two Jason sped. But there's no Mark sits were long period of time in this series on the back end Taylor Fedun replacing Jamie Alexia who Jim Montgomery said yesterday has a lower body injury. So he will not play game one. He's day today. I don't know if we saw anything particular Bruce that stood up on that. And so I'm not trying to decry conspiracy theory here, it's very possible that elect is dealing with something. And he probably is. But I got the feeling that in this game because of the difference in the way that Nashville and Saint Louis are and how they line up the stars. Maybe wanted somebody like Fedun back into get some games. He hasn't played. His game against the press. I would say with that didn't practice yesterday. It sort of raises some probably right? But the whole thing about the Dallas Stars. And the Saint Louis blues is a big contrast in style. And one thing that we saw with national was Dallas belt they how to get physical June got beaten and a couple of one on one battles down low with Alexia Alexia in the short time. He played each game about ten minutes was a physical beast for the Dallas Stars, you know, game game six against national almost knocking. Right. Ellison to bench electric was a physical presence now with Saint Louis out there. The Dow's first of a little bit of a different strategy to start the series. And that is they want to be the quicker puck moving team. They wanna get Klingberg and hey skin and to a certain amount to get the puck and get it going in the other direction forcing Saint Louis to go back into their one three one which should allow Dallas outs out of his own. If Dallas can't move the puck quickly. Then you have the blues big time for triggers trying to grind things out. So it's a little different strategy in that down you want to get the puck and move it fast. The differences the blues really set their trap at their own blue line while Nashville set it up the red. Mine so for Dallas, it was more of a you can get the puck past that initial surge you have chances to work it down low with Saint Louis you've got to get the puck up get it in and then use your speed whether they will see different from Dallas today. The different. Fortunately that against national national is the puck in work the cycle go to the net. Dallas is going to try to move the puck side decide whether that be probably behind the net more often than they can get the chip in. They're gonna try to play it behind the net will say left to right right to left. They want the blues bigger stronger defense moving side to side national had quick defenseman that was invention. They could get the puck aside decide, but it couldn't have physical Dallas Dallas knows what the blues defence is bigger. They want to get those big players having to get out of the conference on the biggest difference. I think between the stars this year and in two thousand sixteen we are we have knowledged revenge story. There are still a few players that played in that series for douses. A lot of guys in fact, nine players in tonight's expected starting lineup for the Saint Louis blues. Played in game seven back in two thousand sixteen that of course, not very fun moment for stars fans where they lost at the. And we're knocked out of the playoffs when it felt like they could go all the way if they if things fell into place persevered difference is goal tending, isn't it? And this is maybe just a little bit. Like what we talked about in the national series, which is to elite goaltenders in Pekka Renee, and Ben Bishop going head to head trying to see who would be the winner in that. And it turned out that indeed Ben Bishop outduel Pekka Rene Rany was fine. But Bishop was better tonight, obviously Bishop much better and khudobin than the stars tandem in two thousand sixteen but the difference between Bishop and rookie, Jordan Bennington. Who's had a phenomenal year is a lot of playoff experience. Bennington went from bathing. The starting goaltender for San Antonio H L to being the savior of the St Louis blues season, fourteen and two at home. However, one of those losses was to the Dallas Stars loss at home as a starter. Right. Jamie. Ben had the hat trick. But you look at Bennington numbers this year twenty four five and one a one point eight nine goals against average save percentage of ninety two point seven percent. The blues Mita them they were they were flounder. Jake Allen was not doing a good job in net. The blues were floundering and they're week. Goaltending was revolving resentment reverberating throughout the team Vinnie thing came in allow the blues play their style and Tarasenko got going turn their season around. Then Bishop we know what he's done for Dallas twenty seven fifteen and two in the regular season. A one point nine eight goals against average and a save percentage of ninety three point four percent. So you look at these two goals that are very very good top of the game in the NHL expect bitty tend to be a finalist for the for the Calder trophy for rookie of the bishops we know as a finals for the trophy. And the one thing that stood out for your these goaltenders zone is each faced an existential crisis during the first round of the playoffs. Then Bishop is you know game three against national horrible game for him to soft goals. Tallis's? The game comes out wins. The next three Bennington had lost two at home in Saint Louis goes to Winnipeg gives up two goals in the first period. The crowd gelling you look nervous. And then he comes back to win game three game five and game six. So he had his moment Bishop how the moment and like great compa- great competitors. They found a way to overcome and either team to victory so much more to talk about so little time. So we will move right along to up next. We will hear from stars head coach Jim Montgomery as we get ready for game one of the second round series between the stars and blues.

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