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Like yet that odin thors dad okay he grew so angry and frustrated with their idolatry for the three then he took his acts right in front of these guys who are you know they're not the five for a buck oh five they're not pyjama boy yeah they're not okay he get so angry so frustrated he deep fashion it he took his axis as whip of cords and he took it to the road tree in front of him and it shop that puppy down to make a statement it's just a tree there's no power in it growing inside this massive oak tree was this little conifer little evergreen tree that it's sort of grafted itself on and he took that little tree he's a hey you'll want a tree i'll give you a tree if it meets them but you can have a tree except this is a chris this is the christmas tree we're we're going to acknowledge the giver of life who made the world paul's paul's christ ideology that he lays out in kalash ins all things are made by him threw him and for him nothing would exist without christ that's one of the actual origins of a chris of our christmas tree comes from one of the saints of the old church attacking the idolatry of pagans who were worshiping trees so the answer to your question in i could have saved us about ten minutes aaron originally gave it when you said what aaron home now.

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