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Battery unfortunately and I think we talked about this retiree kill last Friday night when I was on after that Tyree kill situation broke if you're somebody who's been in trouble before you were always under the microscope and for Jon bones Jones hear him in the waitress are probably the only ones that actually know what happened that night but because of him being a guy that's been in trouble before he's one of the greatest MMA fighters that there is sold he fights in a violent industry people are going to err on the side of Jon bones Jones is guilty from the flip side if the girl was assaulted absolutely press charges but my thing and this is where I always question the stories if it happened in the club most of these exotic clubs not that I've been there too much most of these exotic clubs have really big guys that function is one role there bouncers their meat heads they're there to take Joe patron and shove his head through a plate glass window when he gets out of line with Susie Q. dancer so I I get it Jon Jones will probably kick the crap out of most of those bouncers but if Jon Jones actually slapped the woman on the private parts put her in a rear naked choke and lifted her off the ground I would like to think that she would have gone to somebody in the club before she left and went home and reported John Jones why didn't she though that's my question that's where I always have in the back of my mind to go did this really happen that's the sad thing with these days is you have to look at it go all right we want to err on the side I don't want violence with women and I preach that with the kids and everything else with it with the Tyree kill situation but what I also don't want is for somebody like John Jones to be falsely accused and be convicted guilty in the court of public opinion before anything actually comes down and that's what this sounds like to me right now could it be something that John Jones actually didn't do or is this woman going home and saying you know what I was there with John Jones.

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