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Chief justice breyer who court here in america and and you know we've all seen courtroom movies an actual trial looks a lot more like a competition between two competing versions of what happened this is life of the long man's mullane we're in the studios of kqed in san francisco with our team had dr avarham a member of our advisory scholars brittany batorfi chair of our advisory board tony gannon our senior producer asagoe bosque a member of our advisory board and joining us for the first time as our new advisory board member jessica mckellar welcome everyone we're here to have a conversation about our most recent episode it was called ten hours to twenty years and it was about prosecutorial discretion the discretion of prosecutors if you have listened i hope you'll go and make some time we're going to be talking about it in this episode of life the law so i'm gonna ask our new advisory board member to introduce yourself tell us a little bit about herself sure my name is jessica mckellar i am a soffer is your my training i run a i run a company in san francisco uh that bills and a price software him and i'm a long time listener of life of law and i i care a lot about the topics that are discussed in the show and i'm really excited to be able to dig in on some of what was covered in this episode in particular from the perspective of someone who doesn't have a background in the law but cares deeply about how defects us all day today give us a rap of what ten hours to twenty years was all about jessica yes so this is tracing the this series of events that started with a plan to steal a bunch of valuable comic books.

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