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Virtuous. Wherever you get your podcast we'll see there? I think well I mean lane. He's a he's a rookie. I it you hope for the best because you know like you said it's hard to ask a lot from a rookie as far as Steven Nelson you know I mean based on on his year last year. You hope he comes in and he's he's like almost like you know. The the glued to the secondary Kandar that Joe Haden was two years ago when he came over so somebody that could really shut down the other side not shut down like like a you know all time great corner but be a really good pro on the other side and then you had yourself the makings have very good secondary and who thought we would ever have said that a few years ago yeah I mean my expectations of Justin. Lane are zero I want. Let's see make the team. I'm okay if he doesn't even get a helmet. He's a rookie and you and the more you can have someone as a rookie not have to step in and do stuff. That's what I would like to see. I don't want them to have after call on him but if he just comes out and just tears up then you have to go out of your way to get them on the field. That's what you want with your rookies especially your non first round rookies. Is You want to say hey. Let's give them time to develop but yet they come out and play so well. You have no choice but to get on the field to make your team better. That's my expectation from Justin Lane. I expect nothing but if he just comes out and really shows up than that we get that now for Steven Nelson you've got to step up and you've got to be that other corner across Joe Hayden at the steelers have not had so. I looked for the secondary to be much improved. I'm going to do a little quick plug here I had done what it's funny was actually a series of articles but even even saying something to to Jeff Hartmann yesterday. He didn't realize it was exactly a series that I've been doing that. I have one more yet to come out that you come out before Thursday of talking about how two thousand nineteen we we're thinking. This is a different steelers feelers team to what we've seen in the past. We've lost drama. Hopefully we've lost the locker room locker room problems but how is that going to equate to a difference on the field so I've been talking about a very various different things that this could be a good change or a bad change on the field. I talked about the steelers going out West could see a difference and could circumstances up with that. I talked about the steelers success in prime time and how that should not be considered a guarantee this year because right now the only three games the steelers are not favored to win and when looking at the Vegas odds right now are there three away games in primetime so that doesn't necessarily mean they'll be some success but one of the things that are the most recent article that I did was can the defense venzke. Those late game stops that steeler fans seem to say that they never can get well. I laid it out that it's not as bad as what you think they get them. Censoring cheers was hurt. They got about half the time in two thousand seventeen until she got hurt. They got him in every game that there was a chance I was looking at the last five minutes of the game the steelers either tied or leading by by one score or less. Did they get did the defense make that stop. I think the the biggest improvements that I had to come down to speed of your linebackers which we added with Baron and Bush and an and a better secondary which I felt that they added with Nelson and lane so that right right there we go. That's what people were asking about the live chat and that's kind of what it came down to so I do have one more those coming out. If you're wondering what it's going to be it's going to be <hes> steelers losing games.

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