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Hd 2 los angeles orange county 24hour news more stimulating tom why thank you on the repair a lively 24 24hour king if i knew i room somebody help themselves to a stash of handguns near nearcivil more sheriff's investigators say a burglar or burglars broke either way unit at a cell storage site i'm lopez canyon road and stole more than one hundred guns both of the firearms are believed to be handguns cop say employees at storage et cetera told the owner of the guns at the law on his unit was tampered with when he got there he discovered he'd been ripped off a high happened late friday or early yesterday detectives are examining surveillance video for clues michaels repay kfi news that is brought to you by socal honda dealers democratic house leader nancy pelosi says congressman john conyers we'll go through an ethics investigation amid allegations of sexually harassed women on capitol hill as john riggins case rick who knows which i don't that he will do the right thing bull says the woman involved in the congress investigation are also entitled to due process blow he says conyers has agreed to cooperate with the house ethics committee conyers has stepped aside is the top democrat the democrat on the house judiciary committee firmer nba star charles barkley is weighing in on alabama's senate races for about doing the right way you can run a political orbital wife separate of weymouth simple has nothing to do with the democrat republican liberal conservative agai have agai runaway him who the white separatist earth immoral moral enron barkley says republican candidate growing more should have been disqualified long before allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced or has strongly denied the claims broccoli wasn't alabama yesterday for the iron bogged cheering on alma mater auburn as they beat arch rival alabama a man in his mid20s was stabbed several times during the fight with some other guys.

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