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On and then what is something that you will admit that you cheap out on toilet paper is the worst I'm not willing well I'm not entirely sure if I'm brand loyal I am that's another thing I want to talk about his brand loyalty I don't I don't go to the store seeking out the same brand every time like I'll get Colgate toothpaste I guess but I don't always get the same flavor or even the same I'm pretty brand loyal to certain things toilet paper paper I'm brand loyalty so I get the good looking one but I'm not really picky I just can't take the crappy life as long as not one ply that's what I'm saying yeah why you know like why I think it's hard to skimp on because I think cheap wine oftentimes not always but cheap wine tastes bad all I like an expensive wine inexpensive yeah like how an experiment like ten dollar wine okay well that's it but like two Buck Chuck I know I'm not happy with that like if you space attitude five Bucks a line and it tastes bad why Maisel I've just bought ten dollar one with two Buck Chuck do you really yeah I'm on a budget that's a bad example because that's actually not bad I've had that but like in general yeah general I'm willing to spend a few extra dollars on wine if I know it tastes good rather than spending a little bit less and then being disappointed in how it tastes right what are you willing to spend on and then what do you definitely skimp on I agree with toilet paper I'm not sure about toothpaste I guess hand soap I don't really care and so by don't it doesn't matter yeah and so like I just don't like the overly perfumed like different color hands up I usually try to do something like more Mrs my organic yeah Myers I'll DO or something else the earth Hey yeah Victor Hey man what are you willing to spend on and then where do you cut corners where do you say wall tried also to that you guys are totally free to like other paper and stuff like that I really don't care about but I'll usually drop to the three hundred Bucks from Cologne hello yeah what choice right now what is yeah what's your yeah now yeah what is a good smells right now my my super one right now are the first touch of her own and the the coach of Cologne and you think it makes a difference because I said this a thousand times like I've gone to Sephora and I've done the staying with lady comes over and you spray that stay again and the smell and in its during a smell the coffee to clear your nose and it is only at one am spending a hundred dollars on some bottle of Cologne that no one one out of ten people so you spell good but then Rouville comes along and a nod to the Saudia buys me the Abercrombie and Fitch spears Cologne that's like half the price and also and everywhere I go non stop people are like what do you what last item in the over what are you wearing it smells so good and I have to tell them it's the same Cologne I was wearing in high school and still not getting laid but the point I I spend double and no one says anything I spend half an people rave so I don't know sometimes it's yeah and it really it really depends on your personality and also you know your family because I mean like I actually collect alone but I'm I'm all about while local records here in a while things to that like when you spend money on them it's sort of like a little indulgent thing for you it makes you feel good about yourself I don't know how people are like that with make up or perfume right along like you I have no problem that you're spending more on Cologne if people cared I just don't know if they really do read you they obviously do they do for you so thank you Victor have a good day thank you love you I love you to let you call Hey Lisa Lisa brand loyalty there's only one kind of what the by I only get one kind of peanut butter what kind is it yeah J. only just only come around here with Jeff you don't have to be well I don't know if they would you know like when you go to like Walmart and usually the Peter Pan like when I broken I did not like that your different when you were broke you still spend on peanut butter yeah now do you find your like this with everything or are there other things were you'll get like I don't know paper towels again I try and get the ones that look take but I don't always have to have a bounty or whatever like I don't I guess I'm not really paying attention I just want somebody to size ones I like that if the I guess yeah in like seventh grade I did a science like I am there and I have been on the paper towel what is the best way to go when you go and that's probably the most expensive Monday now I think they're pretty you then I'd I'd personally by about these thank you Lisa have a good day my nana for some reason used to buy like the grocery store brand Cola it was a it was a time of a safe way yeah for some reason maybe was because it was her house I don't know but I preferred the grocery store brand Cola really anything else I did I thought it tastes good and a lot of times like the serial the comes in a gigantic bag it's like a whole over it's over run from the stuff that you pay double for for half the quantity like it's not it's it's this fruity always don't taste like fruit loops to me and I don't think it's mental until but I don't buy it but I don't have any problem with it Hey Christina hi good morning so what do you spend a lot of money on and then what do you save money right I know a lot of money on food okay and I will not spend like more than ten box nine eight or a pair of pants but you guys aren't there all day wow shop that you only are spending under ten dollars right discovery discovery in the right place to go well my work clothes from there on all right so your clothes not going to splurge too far but as far as what you're eating you'll stay you'll you'll go over the top alright Sir thank you are still having hello Hey Liz Liz what do you spend a bunch of money on it and where would you cut corners and not spend as much I think a large family but I am I brought it back to you but I'm betting powder what your face my enemy okay setting powder now I don't what's your what's your go to one I'm doing the wrong guy yeah learn more see I yeah okay and then what do you do cheap on eyeliner keep on eye liner so you spent a bunch of getting hotter than the the actual make about but as much on you that'd be like he went back wall me at least hi list thank you what is this what is let me see what a setting powder do it says your make up so you can wear it law it'll stay longer do your make up and then you put in it and you put setting powder over the top you rub it on it how do you like you just kind of like Pat it later because it would not mess some people I have a spray as setting spray that I use there's like a Rufio does his hair he does is here in any sense it with like seven pounds of hairspray yeah done moved can't go cheap on their your faces when they had done move brother hi I'd mind I work at a house is already fallen I would have to be a lot more invested in the I'm using two pairs but I'm not traffic roads are snow and ice covered this morning this report is being sponsored by trying college in a.

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