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And his Alabama's morning news. I'm JT and joining us now from our Alabama Department of Health. Karin Landers is here. Dr Landers. Welcome back in. Thank you for being here. Thank you. Joy Take so you've had a couple of busy days lately, have you? Well, I think it's always busy and the Alabama Department of Public Health We worked back tonight. Citizens of Alabama. It's a real challenge, but we're certainly pushing forward because we really want to get this back pain out there. Well, it's out now that there's some distribution sites that are up and running right now, uh, in Hoover. They've got one. Um, you a bee's got one going. I would imagine there's some others around the state. So let's talk about Who can get the vaccine now? And what's the delay? Like for most folks that are in front line workers or aren't above the age of 65? I guess it is. So where are we with the vaccines as far as how many we have in the state? And how many were getting ready to distribute. Well, that's up. Yesterday morning waited, uh, delivered and distributed and basically vaccinated. With over 359,000 doses in the state of Alabama Now, currently, if you look at our vaccine dashboards you can see that we have had over $600,000 is delivered. In the state of Alabama, and that does not include our long term care program, which is through the federal Pharmacy partnership. Now the plans for the back saying that Is in Alabama. First of all, it is for person to have already had appointments schedules for persons that are going to be attending clinics that Have been planned and are currently being planned. And finally, there are a number of persons needing second dose is this month as we used quite a bit of Madonna. In January. And of course, the minimum answerable is four wakes. But the Donna back saying, right, let's talk about the number of vaccines as far as companies. With those vaccines that we're using here in Alabama? Are we using the visor, Moderna any others? Well, they only two approved vaccine products currently are the M or in a vaccine. Either by father or the Donna. We do not have a preference for either product. However, the products are not interchangeable. So once a person takes a dose of Fizer vaccine, their second those three weeks later. We'll need to be with father or and again, Madonna they second doubts will need to be four weeks after the first dose. All right. People can go to the website. Now, if they've decided, yes, I want the vaccine on get signed up. Understand? It's gonna be march before a lot of folks get that even though they sign up in the first part of February. There is a delay. So let's talk about The priority list and you know who gets it first. And then what's the breakdown going down the line? Based upon the advisory committee on Immunization Practices of the information actually from the city. See, Alabama has been vaccinating, of course, healthcare workers first responders. Assed Willis police far in person, 75 years of agent above, and that's really almost 700,000 people in that group. Keep in mind that anyone whose backside has to have a second does. And so February 8 we are expanding into our next place, which is actually a very bald Of faith, which includes persons 65 years of age and above and again a number of other categories of frontline workers. And that is also on around station plan. Our website We're really picking up 65 above. Category out of the face one state in order to vaccinate this population and of course, teachers will be included. And we know how important our educators are. Who are Children here in Alabama. So again, it's a very broad group that we now with this group will actually have over one million people eligible for the fact saying the challenges we still do not have enough vaccine. With that group. We're talking with Dr Karen Landers from the Alabama Department of Health. Dr. Landers. Can you stay with me for another segment? I've got to take a break. But can you stay with me for the next two? You know, five or 10 minutes? Lamby happy could Okay, Great. Here's what we'll do, folks. If you've got questions will try and get as many as we can 88891051 of five. If you've got a question for Dr Landers, Now is the time to get it out there. 88891515 Your questions and more with the doctor coming up Predator traffic and weather together. Bottom of the hour news. Three minutes. Stay with us. One day you're serving in the military. And then the next day you come home and you're dealing with an injury. Britain is in recovery from an addiction to prescription opioids. My opioid misuse and need got so strong.

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