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I'm like, I hate this girl. So fast forward to where we are now. Which is she's cast on the show like she's awesome. But she does a podcast about mental health. Okay. Talking about your insecurities and being like a public figure in. So she does a live podcast at Caroline's. Or as I say car lines. Which is a very famous comedy club here in New York, and she had a live panel. So she had Darren Darren carp who's any cones assistant. She's hilarious. And she had Taylor Strecker who's also like series. Greg Taylor Darren myself and Hannah did alive show Caroline's, but she brought me on stage just like roasted bean made fun of me about like how I treat women mind securities. So I said a lot of you know, about how I feel about things. It was great. It was really it was a good job. Damon set you were invited by you. Just didn't check your spam. Folder. Whatever. And then. Okay. So then also yesterday, you just hosted like a soul there. Let's. It's called Barry's bootcamp Philippine Monday was day which is yesterday. So I write down consulting for a technology company called spot fund. Okay. It's like a fundraising platform have a job. I do job. Resumes. I've got on Lincoln. People ask you for. Actually, amazing like Lincoln like the DMZ unlinked end. Yeah. I've had girls hit me abundant. Hey, what's up? Then we're part of Lincoln is you know, and someone looks at your profile inches the shot the lengthen Allen. But anyway, I can tell her for spot fine. It's a really cool company. But. Where was it going? I don't know. Oh, so we spot job. Yeah. We we did a fundraiser for day with berries, boo Kellyanne spot fine. So. A lot of money you raise like four or five grand. Nice step. Step. Want to give back like we have like a unique platform. I think and most importantly is like I. Our lives are pretty interesting. Agreed. So I think it's there's nothing normal about our live. Lake on your the learn in so very meatpacking. Chase. Yes, you're has sex. But literally like we're sitting at lunch today with our moms. It was awesome. I love your mom's crying. What was crying when I was like like packing up to leave shot to she knows? She was mazing. Yep. Five city. My mom was like, I I'm so happy a matter. Yeah. Because I I mean more than anyone, you know, she knows what you've deal with and. Carl. No, it's been I think really therapeutic for her to be, you know, your mom because your real peers, you're real person, you have real feelings Pete. You're more well rounded than the forty two minute episodes that promise us. Thank you. That was really nice. Thank you. But yeah. Yeah. Right. No, just say, no. It's just like I mean, we're sitting there. And then like this girl comes up to the table. Like, oh my God. It's seen that goal. No. She had such a big accident. SNL scare like the civil war was not a civil or war. It's like it English please down like, I know you're from Brooklyn, but come on. He's like coffee twat, call my mother. Hey, seen take a picture. Hi, I'm cool too. I promise. Yeah. I actually that that didn't bother me at all. I was kind of excited that that guy. Why will you at public? Yeah. Hung over his phone. So I never get hung over. But last night. I just thought for some reason it was a great idea to have seven Moscow mules have you ever been to Moscow? No, okay. But I'm Russian Russian. Why it's a joke. You ain't from Russia. So while you Russian. All right. Oh my God. I really are telling how many dad jokes Carl has made. So back to the hammer thing real quick. So yes, I've done some stand up. It's more sit down comedy. It's bad. Like my best joke is I'm auditioning to be on. America's next update's bag. Just kidding. I got my own spin off the real fucked boys of so. That's all I got. And what not work with these beyond? Thank you. Chelsea. Loving girl. Oh my God. Okay..

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