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All sorts of good stuff on the brand new website. Of course, you get some excellent content from Greg. When we talked, that's what is the member question of the day. Greg, so Jackie treehorn ask Greg, did any of the practice squad rules changes implemented? Last year for covet. The wage being able to sign a few vets with unlimited amounts of experience, carry over into the season. If so, could hire be the kind of player. The Patriots. Look at to fill one of these slots to help with the QB off. Boarding long story short. I'm not sure. And I don't think I don't think the NFL has made a decision on this. They don't usually make decisions on this stuff until they don't really need to until training camp starts or even during training camp because it really doesn't matter until the 53-man cut down and then you form practice squads and things like that. But I would I would tend to doubt with what's going on and how positively things are going with covid-19. As last year which is kind of unbelievable. But I think I think it's the union just being a pain in the rear which if that's the case then it's not looking good for training camp but I will see what happens. I don't think they made a decision on that. I would tend the owners don't like to continue that stuff. It costs money and and but the bottom line is with Hoyer. I think that's part of the reason why it never got done last year that he was never, you know, released at any point even after Kansas City was basically buried. As far as I remember, he stayed on the roster for the rest of the year off, and it's kind of, it's kind of an insulting move to do that to a veteran. Who's not going to make that much money off the pay cut, I think you could get in a situation where you ask a guy like Brian Hoyer. Hey we go on the practice squad for 250,000, whatever it is, I forget what the number is and he's just like know, I'd rather go spend time with your family. What am I going to do that for? So, look, I think I think we could get newest situation with Hoyer where it's it goes through training camp, he does everything, he took an ultimately, make the roster Stidham, does beat him out, he's number two, or he probably number two with Mac Jones. Number three, to quote unquote, start the season. And then, at that time, they bring in New Jersey. Our in sort of the Troy Brown, you know, roll where he's helping, helping out a practice and things like that around the facility, helping things like that. So I don't, I don't foresee, we're taking a practice squad spot, even if they do approve those rules, but stranger things have happen. He is Greg, i'm Nick, everybody. Enjoy the B's and C's, unless something big happens here. The rest of this week, we're done, we'll be back next week. So if that's the case, also, enjoy your weekend. And don't forget check out the brand new brand spanking, new bsj until then be good..

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