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To come in. It looks like Democrats will hold on to control of the Senate following a victory in Nevada for senator Catherine Cortez masto. Democrats will have a chance to expand their majority by another seat following a runoff in Georgia set for December 6th. The battle for the house is still too close to call. More votes are being released in Arizona as the race for governor continues, roughly 85,000 votes were released Saturday night from Maricopa County, with Republican Kerry Lake, picking up around 52% of them, Lake still trails Democrat Katie Hobbs by around 37,000 votes, officials say the hold up is partly due to the increase in mail in voting and a record turnout at the ballot box on election day. Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving suspension is being extended. He was hit with a 5 game suspension earlier this month when he failed to disavow anti semitism after sharing a documentary on his Twitter account that featured anti semitic material. That means he won't be a part of the lineup when Brooklyn takes on the Lake or Sunday in LA. Cops are hunting for three suspects in connection to a reckless endangerment incident in Brooklyn last week. Paul de Castro has more. Police a three individuals were walking down the street and pulled out guns and fired them multiple times at an unknown target near avenue L and east 92nd street in canarsie. This happened on November 5th, a house nearby was struck by bullets, but no injuries were reported, the trio fled the scene in the investigation is ongoing. And a highly secretive Space Force plane is back on the ground after completing its longest mission yet, the Boeing X 37 B touched down at NASA's Kennedy Space Center, early Saturday morning, after 908 days in orbit, not a lot is known about the space planes 6 mission. I'm Jim Forbes. The commissioner of U.S. customs and border protection is finally agreeing to resign after his initial refusal, Chris Magnus oversaw roughly 60,000 employees, who focus on issues such as border security and counter terrorism. In October it was reported that Magnus wouldn't attend meetings or build relationships with other agencies and officials described him as an engaged in the job. The Biden administration officially requested his resignation and although he initially refused, Magnus has now agreed to leave the position, he served in the role for just under a year. A disturbed

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