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Take to allow a veteran the opportunity to be treated fairly by the country he served WBBM news time ten oh eight strive for traffic and weather together on the eighteen years having Ryan well we had an earlier crash right around eighty fifth on the inbound side of the Ryan it is since fanned out cleared off seventy ninth street but delays now starting on the bishop Ford freeway right past that stony island feeder ramp as you turn around that curve over the bridge and head out west on over to the northbound side of the Dan Ryan expressway so far the Eaton's nineteen either direction headed the out to the airport to thirty one minute ride heavy from the Jane Byrne interchange division Obama Terrio feeder ram heavy approaching the candy twenty one downtown to mantras thirty one to the airport in balance heavy from the harbor tree tunnel to the Jane Byrne twenty four oh here downtown sixteen the local lanes at eight in the expresso here extension westbound it's heavy into the terminals eastbound so before Mannheim to the cellphone tristate ramp from the Eisenhower outbound it's cleared twenty that I'm gonna riding down thirty three take from David the chamber and Stevenson AL thirty inbound thirty fifty five north out of will county heavy Lorenzo to before arsenal road road work where at least everything down to one lane Ryan on the inbound side heavy before ninety fifth bash basically on to the bishop Ford freeway up to eighty third earlier crash there cleared then heavy on the ramp salad give the album Eisenhower the bishop board inbound it's heavy right into the Ryan from basically around that curve after you pass that Sony Allen feeder rap getting on to the damn right because of the crash of eighty third traffic and weather together on the eighth every ten minutes on newsradio seven eighty one of five point nine FM creasing Lee cloudy tonight the low about sixties tomorrow cloudy with a high seventy four injuries rain for tomorrow night hello about sixties.

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