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See, insured or not bank guaranteed he may lose value. The Trump Administration appears intent on carrying out federal executions until just before Joe Biden's inauguration. Here's correspondent Tim McGuire, 40 year old Brandon Bernard was 18. At the time, he and four other young men robbed and killed a religious couple visiting their Killeen, Texas hometown. Before his execution Thursday night. He told relatives of the couple that he was sorry, and that's the only words I can say that completely capture how I feel now and how I felt that day. Another execution is set for Friday at the federal prison in Terre Haute, Indiana. The Federal Bureau of Prisons has plans to put three more in Mesa death in January. If they are all carried out the Trump administration after reviving federal executions for the first time in 17 years will have put to death 13 inmates, 12 men And one woman. I'm Tim McGuire. Breaking news and analysis at town hall dot com. Argentine lawmakers on Thursday debated a bill that would legalize abortion. BBC correspondent Katie wants the reports on the bill, which is backed by the country's president, Alberto Fernandez. Bina a neglect sh in pledge by Alberto Fernandez And So the feeling is is that with finances backing and his Desire to push this through that there might be a better chance off This actually becoming law is a big feminist movement, a pro choice movement. But of course, it's also the country with a very powerful Catholic church course. The pope comes from Argentina. It's still got a very traditional side, too. The BBC's Katie wants and General Motors self driving car company. Cruz is heading to San Francisco without anybody behind the wheel as it navigates its way toward launching a robotic taxi service that would compete against Uber. And lift on Wall Street. Yesterday, the Dow was down 69 points at opposite 29,999 More of these stories that town home dot com I have to do laundry. When I get home E.

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