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The Beckley Tepi. Yeah. Right. How did I forget that on your show? Go back, we points right back to that time. Well, the evidence is being shown here by the bright inside YouTube channel, it's crazy because every piece of evidence that they show those right back to the same time as the younger drives event, and the put all this information together showing that these maps, you know, ancient maps like the map of Herodotus upper Ptolemies world map. They all show an area in western Africa. That is. Like partially submerged, and or mentioned, the location of a place called Atlantis, and I'm just blown away by just information. It's crazy because for the longest time, everyone has always suggested that the idea of land is was this aggressive war like civilization, right? Similar ties Persia or Carthage. And so they assumed oh, well, maybe it was the Persian. But here's the problem with that, you know, despite being military powers was these imperialistic. Notions wonder just not west enough in two there were not anywhere near the Leonard. And then everybody says, oh, but it was it was the Minoan culture. You know, what the what the San Tarini eruption? You know, we're rendered eruption held up these islands. The problem is the vanillin culture was the peaceful culture and again, not west enough not far west enough. And is wrong. What what I find interesting here? Anthony is that we have had researchers for for decades. Not only speaking about various flood myths in cultures timelines, Leo Orion. The of course, the great John Anthony, west Robert shock in their their research into the sphinx, but everything pointing at the ten thousand five hundred BC number go back Latapie pops up. Now that is there at ten thousand BC ten thousand five hundred BC Graham, Hancock's new book America before which is now talking about the same numbers here in North America ten thousand five hundred see, but what is interesting is these fringe, researchers were all panned and ridiculed science today. And this is what you're referring to science today is now proving that we've. Had it right. All along. And that's the exciting part science, and or orthodox academia is helping us fringe researchers say, hey, we were right? And we kind of get to thumb our nose atom and a little bit. I think the key to all of it is the younger dryest event. Right. So this is a theory that was introduced back in two thousand seven comment may have exploded over Canada twelve thousand nine hundred years ago. One killed off the Clovis people the all of the large animals all the mammals, you know, like the sabertooth Tigers the woolly mammoth essentially standing on the earth back into an ice age. Right. The young, and we now have evidence of this of what they call the younger dryest boundary where they find these micro diamonds, which were are only produced by, you know, something, you know, cataclysmic as a massive comic striking striking into the earth. And all of that coincides with Plato's time line if you think about it. So according to Plato's timeline for the existence of the destruction about land is it occurred nine thousand years earlier before his his. Relative Ning soman who existed some twenty four hundred years ago that would have put the time of Atlanta's destruction between eleven thousand six hundred years in twelve thousand nine hundred years ago, which coincides with the younger drives event, which is the fury comment. This cataclysmic event occur across the entire globe. And. When you look at these satellite images, one of the things that it shows is that there is. There there are there's a pattern of of like of a massive flow. You know from the middle of the Sahara westward to the Atlantic Ocean. That's right. Africa. That would have been imagine. You know, if that did happen, you know at the time of number. Remember this area supposedly is was residing. The top fertile volcanic land so sensitive right of a massive comic strikes into North America. You'll have an effect around the.

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