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The country go to walsh freedom dot com slash listen morning joe joe scarborough left the republican party over the weekend like anybody care i don't care you don't care but but what i care about is the reason he gave for why he left because i think it probably on his part purposely belies what's going on right now listen the morning joe i did not leave the republican party the republican party left it senses the political movement that once stood afford history resisting being bloated government it has been reduced to an amalgam of talk radio resentments president trump's republicans have devolved into a party without a cause where has he been the past twenty years trump's republicans have devolved into a party without a cause first of all trump got elected in spite of the republican party can we just put that out there right now and keep that out there now like like every show president trump got elected in spite of the party you could make an argument trump's not even a republican bad thing good thing don't know he eu could make that argument but my word if you believe trump's a republican and and trump's republicans are a party without a cause my god that defines the republican party the last twenty some years the well be for trump they haven't stood for any thing except kind of almost what the democrats stand for it's been at least twenty years guys the democrats are the party again i hate to have to walk everybody through this the democrats are the party of government that's what they are the party of big government they want big governor that's what they are they want everybody to need government i love saying that 'cause it's true if you're white black or brown and you're listening to me that's what the democrats want they want you needing government now the republicans way way back when use to oppose that but now it said kind of just can just more of the same kind of just more of that you look again i don't want to get into the health care debate but.

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