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Of it when you look back at our first time we've played of they were in the midst of of us a real run at truman equity abdomen at so the noon that's tough they they read down the gets mckenry any of the way springfield limited be very building beat up so on an amazing pile last second pride then they lost a as a team in a rebound in in the contest rather play their absolute best game of the year this is a program won the national championship in twenty thirteen this is a problem that be as well schools anybody will play throughout the whole postseason the shut fitted percent against them how then the forty two the first day your take that watches keyed again and then our since told was phenomenal that night we've we our goal the lead agree twenty seven assists season on thirty shut it baskets and we shot fifty eight percent that's what i thought those passes like a great shots and you know that we they're going to know that to their very very aggressive of trying to create steals we've got to do a great job without player bowman are problem and it must be persistent you just got to keep going keep going i would look for the of the come after adam ever heart i think wherever tocci gets he will get doubled in some form or fashion yeah and i'm not and we won't down when i've you talk about accolades but some your players are recede smart plays over last couple days will talk about that unless you want to what i'm thinking was okay all handled it as well as any team i've ever seen i talked to rusty in adam about it and they looked every like i was actually crazy like what are you even worried about this all we want to do is when you had and then i told the team the next day then out with a deeper to part of year and they all they'll celebrated me you know and they have we we talked about been and and and alex being named all freshman team and again they all just kind of that that's that's i would do my entire career the dollar state championship runs you all those things.

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