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Dropping ministration signs off on an orderly tended to open up more than one million acres of land in the Golden State the fracking and conventional oil drilling Thursday's move will now seek to end a five year moratorium on drilling on public lands and it is is it's expected to open up access to sites in Fresno kings Madera to Larry current in San Luis Obispo county and Santa Barbara and Ventura counties Washington and Beijing of some different takes on what it all means but they agree phase one resolution to the trade war has been agreed to nearly two years into the terror of conflict Bob Constantini has outlined what it's being said to build off president trump tweets a twenty five percent terrace set to take effect on Sunday will not be implemented on an additional one hundred sixty billion dollars of imports from China and he's calling us September impose round on certain goods in half he writes they have agreed to many structural changes in massive purchases of agricultural product energy in manufactured goods plus much more twenty five percent terrace will remain as it that's terror ifs previously implemented with seven and a half percent put on much of the remainder it's worth noting however the Chinese officials at their news conference said they could not commit to buying a certain amount of American products but wanted to buy imports from many countries Bob Costantini the White House the holiday shopping season may have gotten off to a sluggish start correspondent aches reports retail sales rose by a weaker than expected two tenths of a percent in November sales of electronics and appliance stores climb seven tenths of a percent but Americans cut back on spending at restaurants and bars economists at FH and financial say a slowdown in discretionary spending is a concern at the time of year when consumption is seasonally strong IBM Kate's and on Wall Street that momentum we are talking about now starting to slow down a little the Dow down at two points as of right now and.

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