Rittenhouse, Kenosha, Kyle Rittenhouse discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York Show


Virginia this week where dozens of workers walked off the job We would like to have the company actually sit down and talk The rule covers businesses with 100 or more employees and also gives workers the option of being tested weekly if they refuse to be vaccinated Another juror has been dismissed from the Kyle rittenhouse murder trial in Kenosha Wisconsin an issue with a woman's pregnancy prompted her dismissal from the trial Friday another juror was removed Thursday for telling a deputy and inappropriate joke connected to the trial written house is accused of killing two people during riots that erupted in Kenosha after racial justice protests A police officer told the courtroom Friday he didn't arrest rittenhouse since many people were armed that day and shots could still be heard in the area even as rittenhouse approached police his hands in the air in an AR-15 rifle slung across his body just moments after rittenhouse had shot three men I'm Scott Carr Prosecutors in New York are convening a second grand jury and their ongoing investigation into the finances of the Trump organization Companies CFO Alan weisselberg already faces tax fraud charges No Manhattan DA Cy bans has thought to be considering additional charges Three separate probes have been looking into whether the Trump organization misled officials regarding its tax reporting Trump himself was not charged A candidate in the Texas governor's race is speaking out after a heated exchange over face masks Cindy mccurdy has more Republican candidate for governor Allen west has responded to questions about an altercation where he pulled a mask off a person that he says yelled at him at DFW airport You need to respect me as an individual and my decisions And do not verbally a cost me or assault me and call me out of names First of all you need to know that I have the right to make the decisions about my body He says the man called him an idiot for not wearing a mask as required by federal regulation inside airports west says in his words he flicked the man's mask off and mocked the man for wearing one West was hospitalized with COVID last month It seems issues with the rapid COVID test led to a number of false positives this week if the New York Giants team facility Lab tests were given after 13 players and personnel originally tested positive Only running back to coach Burton burns retested as positive The NFL and bio reference labs are now working to figure out what's causing the false positives Team facilities.

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