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Ines de la canteras covering it all for ABC News in London and she spoke with our Bill O'Neill. And as a royal procession earlier today, the queen's coffin is now at Westminster hall. So this is the first of four days of the queen lying in state at Westminster hall. We've seen thousands lining up even before the queen's coffin was even at Westminster of a thousands lining up from all over from London from other parts of the UK from all around the world, hoping to pay their last respect. And we also saw today during that procession thousands lining the streets of London to be able to catch a glimpse of that coffin. So I was among the crowds during the and it was really something to see. I mean, I was at the foot of Big Ben and you could barely see anything, but still people were waiting there for hours on end because they care so much. And they just wanted to be able to catch a glimpse of the queen's confidence. And of course, a lot of people have been watching to see how the royals are no strangers to the dysfunction would interact with each other. What are we seeing so far? Yes, I think a lot of people are curious to see if we would be very Meghan Kate and will together again. There was a big moment earlier this week when the so called fab four appeared together outside of Windsor Castle to go for west. So what they're calling a walkabout really walking around outside of Windsor Castle to see to take a look at the tributes that are had been brought there, the many bara bouquets that had been laid outside. That was a big powerful moment to show of unity and today we did see both Harry and will walking side by side behind the queen's coffin and that I think was another big show of unity, the family wanting to show that they stand a united in their grief that these have a way of bringing families together and that's what we're seeing right now. And on this side of the Atlantic, we also know president Joe Biden has spoken with the new King Charles. Yeah, so that's another interesting tidbit there. We are learning more and more details as we go along that's certainly important to see White House has said that president Joe Biden would attend the funeral on Monday. Lots of questions as to how that's really going to unfold details are still being finalized, lots of concerns about how to keep everyone safe, lots of. Leaders and foreign dignitaries are going to be attending the funeral. There was a report earlier this week that states that world leaders had been told they would not be able to use their own state cars to attend the funeral for security reasons and that instead they would have to be bused over together from location in West London, The White House has not commented on those specific reports, but we will be seeing president Joe Biden in London at the state funeral. And I think I'm curious to see if he has a chance to meet with King Charles personally. And of course we all know this is obviously a long and detailed process. Where do we go from here in the near term? So now the public's going to get be able to go and continue to see the queen we're expecting up to 350,000 people to be able to see the queen. City officials think a lot more are going to be lining up to see her, but the line is going to be cut off at one point. And so they're expecting just 350,000 to actually be able to go into western straw. And see her. And then on Monday, there will be a procession taking the queen's coffin from Westminster hall to the state funeral and then the queen final resting place will be Windsor Castle, saint George's chapel, and so we're expecting everything to end on Monday evening. ABCs and as delicate terror with us on the northwest news line. And that's northwest news radios, Bill O'Neill. Northwest news time now, 6 20. Check on Wall Street Jim chesko now with your stock charts dot com money updates. One day after socks suffered their steepest losses in two and a quarter years, they held to a narrow range today finishing the session with very narrow gains. The S&P 500 goes 13 points to down industrials edged up 30. And the NASDAQ composite recouped 86. Some good news, a wee bit anyway on the inflation front, prices paid to producers for goods and services slipped one tenth percent in August from the prior month in line with expectations. On a year over year basis, wholesale prices were still up a sharp 8.7%. But that is down from the sharp 9.8% increase in July. All of this a day after the news that consumer inflation rose more than expected last month. That's your money now. Money news here at 20 and 50 passed every hour, check on traffic and

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