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Did you see my legrand lawn those stab you didn't bid you're putting on makeup and getting birdie thothose up on the board again let's go to the ira you're trying to convince me or in the world that lonzo is having a better rookie season and lebrun i am saying that outside of points and we never thought lonzo it was a score that law lebrun came into the league and we were an all all i'm saying is i'm hearing numerous people say trade lonzo and i'm like no no no no time out he left for six games the locker room imploded could team in bloated they got bloodalcohol under five in the free live six that he played like they were competitive with the warriors they were competitive they didn't go lose at home to charlotte by thirty but you don't think at this point lonzo because of all the negativity is a tad underrated okay that i'll address what you said i agree with a lot of what you're saying but let's get is straight lebrun came right out of high school averaged twenty points a game nobody's come close to doing that lonzo had a one year of college and guys of comey and why you have college durant averaged twenty one year on the economy what we've seen a so but were i do agree with you is that i would not call lonzo underrated but what i would say is if we did not know who is dad was right we didn't know the name lavarra ball we just a regular nba prayer we will be looking at lonzo saying he's gonna be nice if could be i think we be comparing him to jason kidd that's all i think maybe do us now abdel heart jason kidd and there's just and are starting to in the last ten games surpassed jason kidd no i i i totally agree with you i think lonzo is you know having a really nice season four rookie um.

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