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Hot months it cools things off. I'm learning that it's not the best when you're outside recording a podcast because i'm not under a route from sitting in the rain i was inside before and there was a lot of echo so i had to. I don't know if you could see that it is starting to go. You might wanna might be getting should move here. Aren't you set up our next interview wall going inside in the rain okay. That's out there you go. I'm now standing a little bit underneath the roof of the shed and hopefully this doesn't ruin the laptop but it is getting pretty wet so coming up next we talk to show. That was a big drop. I'm going to have to drive this coming up next. We're gonna talk to any young and he's going to tell us how to be responsible with our finances and we're gonna ask him maybe a lot of questions about. Nf teas and irresponsible. Spending that mike ryan has been doing lately and remember the expense. Stent new laptop to middle look media. This is a metal log laptop. So i can't tell them that i broke it. Already and kenny. Young is a rams football player for all those. You might not have known that even though you probably did. Because he's young. Let's get to it. Join now on crete by kenny. Young was a linebacker for the los angeles rams. But he's here to tell us about his new initiative tackling finances which will help young students of los angeles room and board with financial literacy kenny. I guess what kinda start here before we ask you for your financial advice to us. How did you get into this man. having left gets into it right in poverty gets you into it i think poverty mindset and i think being broke is this temporarily which would values in your pocket. So that's why i take. Note those concepts but this is really about your way of banking a web living in perspective. The program design and do with my foundation. Happy on is a party with ellie woman board and unified on a way to bridge the gap on financial literacy with the college kids. These kids are in repertory juniors or seniors in college leader which ucla are at community. School already been adopted are even on lewis these kids that are still saying what no matter. What my living situation. I'm still going to pursue education and are come from a place where you know The banking about money was one way and i were beltway. And then i got older nama thinking you know it was a little bit but The rules and principles always remained the same and I think it's my obligation to help. Sound light and provide the resource of information sue people. That really need now. Kenny as a result of Some major news in the financial world we have a pair of people on the zoom call who have decided to take up financial literacy themselves. I have mike. Who's here with me and chris cody. Who's here with me in the kind of red it's boom of Of these famous stocks decided that they think they know things about literacy. So i'm gonna have. Mike ask you some questions right now about if he is a sound investor. Oh kenny services like yours where worry a couple of months ago. I'm in a bad way brother. I've made so many bad investments. I feel like. I'm losing my ass. So i need to weigh in on some of the investments. I've made if. I should have the diamond hands or if i should cut my losses and get out of here you good with that. Yeah okay number one sneakers. Should i continue investing in the sneakers app and spending my money because there's resale value. There's all these apps out there. There's goat their stock act. Should i invest in sneakers. Wizard that are you in a lot of debt medium bit or a tournament. I went three months unemployed. I recently left a big corporation paying out of pocket on cobra. Although i am now in a startup company that i believe in the spirit of things but so far still no health insurance you sit down and you have the conversation with this. You get a piece of paper and a pen and you make a teacher right. What's what's what is this a t. chart so biscuits just one aligned on my little paper and he went alone across and was going to do. Is you wanna put incomes on one side and this. Is this a way of getting your mind to understand. You know should do bypass sneak. Because i'm not gonna tell you you should bypass this m. i could say you shouldn't by fast. That source is up to you as you only minutes always boil. When i'm gonna tell you is money is putting in in a position where you don't have inked like he wants to and it's unfortunate. I don't know how people fizeau that's worked for a company along the a bit you know. They have to get laid off there helping if it's done and you know they they. Depending on stimulus check is tough. So right now i think is realized. Can you afford those sneakers because the business model both. I don't care what your lifestyle is. How does by style look white paper. If you think deserve a rolls royce and it makes five years bid right now. I just had this conversation with one of one of my friends and she was telling me how a suitcase southbound impressions everywhere. And i said. It's nothing one. Mubanga pressure is more of how can afford to buy these shoots about any kenny. If i may at your imparting great life advice but some of these shoes are just so dope you ever see the airmax bacon. I went on goat for that. Because i missed out sneakers this in the art sue. So here's my thing. How can you afford those shoes. Be buying jake. Paul fights on trailer. That's one of the things that i could cut out of my life. You could you say you know what Set of going out on dinner for the next two months. I'm a save money despite parachutes. Because there aren't dope sues not rove buying expensive souza's kanye shoe. I appreciate if you take. The idea of okay was my income. That's one sexy right money raking every single month. Then you say okay well expenses. What are my expenses. How much money's coming on my pocket. Everyone will leading to took to shoots. I am related to anything and you say okay. Well if expenses if most of my students come from flights or come from movies are whatever it is a mess. Lets you know how many subscriptions do password of billy. I should so many things that you could do as what i'm saying you don't have to orchestrate to wait you. Did those shoes. Nothing would you can you. How can you afford those kinney. Would you advise and we're going to go rapid fire little here because i have a lot of investments And i it sounds as though. I need to get to this quickly. So we'll go rapid fire. Would you with your financial advice. Recommend that i steal someone's log in for netflix..

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