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Kicked a forty three yard field goal and get beer for a year. Yep. People's attention. Now there was ever really off. They just needed some rules guidelines. So what we're gonna do is. We're going to go through the rules and Kevin is gonna practice. Kano Representative right. Kevin says he's of all of us. He's the one most likely to be able to hit it. I kind of think Brian are genius probably Brian. Yeah. Now, I have doubts, but you you seem to think that you might be able to do it. So we're gonna we're gonna limber you up. I'm just hearing free beer free beer free beers some convincing myself. I know how to kick a football great motivation. Sometimes that's all it takes muscle. The stretch like the Hammy or Hammy for sure. Yes. Yeah. You want to get the calf. And you wanna get your talks? Also, we have. Yes. And then also you and you're growing you gotta get your groin, all kinds of engineering. Some yoga with me to get ready. All right. Whatever works free beer. That's the only thing on my mind right now, have you ever kicked up Titian? Kevin my son's going to. Oh, you Sidewinder soccer style. Yeah. I'm going. I'm not going. I'm not going to go. Now, you could do that could try that. Yeah. Maybe I'll do that. Have you ever done it before like practices goofing around? We could do is in the nineteen seventies. The guy who set the record for longest field goal who had had right had half a foot. Check his sledgehammer assure that a flat front and now he did lose the foot in battled service America. So we can't make fun of that about what we can say though, is that if you're willing to do it all cut off after foot. All right. I think it's almost worth it for beer for year. I'm head. All right. Get the saw here. We've got Kim. Gordon, sandy by the midwestern university's multispecialty clinic as her sponsor for this hoping to feed helping to defeat. Embattled alderman at Burke without a runoff election to Latino challengers announced today, they're combat. Forces in the south west side race Jose Torres who previously worked for now. Congressman should we are campaigns announced today he's dropping out of the race to support. Civil engineer Tanya Patino, President Trump's longtime legal fixer Michael Cohen is accepted an invitation for top House Democrat to testify publicly before congress next month. He says he looks forward to having a platform to give a full incredible account of the events which transpired Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison. He reports to prison in March get the snow shovels backout snows expected to make a return to the Chicago area. Saturday. A small accumulation is expected. We'll have the full forecast coming up and now WGN sports. Here's Kevin Powell Cam, John J a mandate Machado's closest friends has signed a one year four million dollar contract with the White Sox. We'll see if that helps sway Machado to the south side. He and Bryce Harper. The top two free agents have yet to choose teams or socks GM recon on the off season playing out this way, you can never predict these things I think if you. Asked me to start in the off season. If this would still be going on January tenth, I probably would've guessed. Yes. But there's certainly been points over the course of of the start of the off between the start of the off season. And now where I would've guessed it. It actually would have potentially been resolved. We could get decisions from Harper amateur by the end of the week. Meanwhile football Vic Fangio introduces the Broncos new head coach today. The Blackhawks have at least a point in eight of their last eleven they play again Saturday Ed against Vegas. Bulls are often in college hoops, number two, Michigan visits, Illinois, and the home of the Blackhawks northwestern Wildcats.

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