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To dennis lin they got me looking at the potter's depth chart and looking at the part is depth chart got me thinking about okay who are the people on this team who aren't awful in dreadful it boring oh look at the is relievers and i've seen somebody tweets from the last several months there would i think a lot of him a come from like buster only talk about how so many teams and called applied raise about ryan booked or or brett hand and i'd be like okay whatever teams are looking for mediocre lefties no no they're actually really good lefties and brad hand in particular is really interesting and so looking at brad hand noticing this guy kind has a lot uncommon avenger miller that's really interesting so then that coming thinking about a post again it's federated not much to write but it's maybe not additionally a coincidence that the spot guess right now is interrupting some research i'm doing on austin hedges who by the way is another potential breakout player so austin hedges coming next these played guests are serving a dual purpose for me is another because it that we're saving you sometimes and people think that it's february thing is going to change next week when pitchers and catchers report but not really no doubt about it and get every porn up and the there's some stories about who is that and who's not and that's about it for another month the some guys get hurt and you can read about guys getting hurt but otherwise the doesn't really help a whole lot when people are in camp so now i think this is for one day when you see then there but that's about it a good thing about spring training getting closer for us is that and we something grass we're going to have to zips projections folded in to this team or projections which is such a turkey thing to say out well but i alisa it's what i feel most comfortable with the projections it's one we can talk about them and as their most concrete pecota just came out yesterday or the day before but like spring training for analysts serve is i think maybe one purpose and where we basically look at pitchers who are you the throwing harder softer and say okay that's the thing now they were going to write.

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