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Tom Moore show is sponsored by HP m productions. Welcome to the Tom Moore show. This is Dr Tom moronic sitting in for my son Thomas again tonight. Lots and lots of things to talk about obviously, the first thing we want to talk about is the passing of George H W Bush and that ceremony celebrating his life and his death. Kelly is leaving the White House, and there's more shakeup in terms of the people that are leaving and the people coming in and for many of them having to blur literally no qualification for the job. They're getting Michael Cohen's sentencing. Issues comes up Paul Manafort school looks like it's going to be squeezing Trump, more and more. So, but we'll get these your thoughts on this the stock market and all kinds of other stuff tonight on the Tom Moore show at four one zero nine two two six six eight. Oh. Talk. Talkradio six eighty WCBS get ready for the real deal. Baltimore time now for the Tom Moore show. Tom Moore show. Dr Tom moronic set against my son Thomas, I do every every week even.

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