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Welcome back to forum i'm tanya moseley and today for meena chem three years ago the cdc reported that more than seventy two thousand babies were born in the united states from harvested eggs that means they were conceived from either donated eggs or eggs from out the women who decided to freeze them and this hour we want to take a moment to unpack the benefits and risks associated with egg donation storage and retrieval and we want to hear from you if you have chosen to freeze your eggs or use an ed bay bank or donate your eggs what was your experience what we're discussing egg donation and freezing with diane tober here in studio she's the associate professor and medical anthropologists at that uc sf school of nursing and she's been conducting research with egg donor since two thousand thirteen her upcoming documentary is called the perfect donor we also have with us amy advise a day she is a reproductive endocrinologist based in san francisco host of the weekly online egg whisper our show and founder of freeze and share a program that gives egg donors the opportunity to freeze their eggs in exchange for donating half of them and later in this hour we'll hear from a woman who was an egg donor herself welcome very much to the studio lady thank you so i wanna kinda start with a primer but i wanna say seventy two thousand babies born each year from harvested eggs that sounds like a lot of babies this includes of course donors and women who freeze and then use their own eggs dr tober how common is this it's a lot more widespread than people realize i think the thing about the cdc data's it's likely an underestimate as well so because there really hasn't been a lot of there's no registry to track the numbers of cycles whether it's egg donation freezing and so on so i think that that seventy two thousand number is already an underestimate but it is quite common both to donate eggs for other people's purposes as well as it's becoming increasingly common to freeze eggs for oneself dr amy let's let's do a quick egg freezing so what is the process for a woman who's interested in egg extraction and freezing.

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