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This is Bloomberg markets coming up oil prices certainly front and center today, surging after the US tighten sanctions on Iran, effectively by removing waivers that some countries were using to continue to order an get oil from Iran. We're gonna talk about that. But right now as head over to Greg Jarrett from Bloomberg business wash right Lisa stocks continue to fluctuate ahead of an earnings daily. News expected over the next few days energy, stocks are up on oil. We'll talk about that in Asia Chinese stocks and bonds fell as investors wagered features stimulus will be limited while cares Japan. Finished slightly higher. Todd Mariano of Eurasia group is well he's optimistic. He tells Bloomberg. He's very optimistic on China trade deal getting a deal with China allows the administration to number one vindicate its its approach. It's economic war on the world. And and turn to some other things that they can present voters ahead of twenty twenty as we intimated earlier. Crude oil has left to Thais level in almost six months after the Trump administration indicated it will not renew Iran Oil waivers for China, India and other countries once they expire in may we check the markets every fifteen minutes throughout the trading day on Bloomberg radio. West Texas intermediate is up two point seven percent at sixty five seventy two barrel, while COMEX gold's up a tenth of a percent, twelve seventy seven even for outs. ESP five hundred is little changed up just about one. Dow Jones industrial average is little changed down eighteen NASDAQ is little changed up five the ten year is down five thirty..

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